UNSC Genetic Database

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"There are probably a million nurses alone who have access to the UGD. When you add the doctors, medical examiners, and clerks, it's going to be more like five million."
Olivia-G291 to Veta Lopis.[1]

The UNSC Genetic Database (UGD) is an organized collection of the genetic profiles of all United Nations Space Command personnel not serving in covert roles such as special forces and Covert Services. The UNSC claims the database's primary purpose is to allow faster response times in case of medical emergencies. It is also very helpful with identifying battlefield remains. There are around five million doctors, medical examiners, clerks, and nurses who have access to the UGD, with around one million of those being nurses. ID codes are needed and access logs are created when medical records are searched.[1] Before the UGD was created, the largest database of DNA profiles was maintained by the Colonial Administration Authority's Outer Colony vaccination program.[2]

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