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Captain Jacob Keyes in command uniform.

The UNSC Navy Service Uniform is the standard uniform for garrison and shipboard wear by officers and ratings of the UNSC Navy, as opposed to the dress uniform which is worn at parades and functions. Unlike the working uniform, it is not normally worn in physical working environments.[1][2][3]


At least three varieties of service uniform were in use near the end of the Human-Covenant War.

Decorated uniform[edit]

Two very similar versions of the service uniform were worn in late 2552. One version consists of a long, light gray tunic and a matching pair of trousers.[Note 1] The wearer's surname is displayed on the right breast; rank insignia is displayed high on the left breast, with the ship emblem displayed immediately below and ribbons beneath the emblem. Epaulettes are worn on the shoulders, though they do not display rank insignia. This uniform is similar in design to the UNSC Army's dress uniform, though the Navy's uniform undershirt is dark gray as opposed to the Army's black.[1][2][3]

The other known service uniform is usually blue gray,[4][5][Note 2] This version is also comprised of a long-sleeved tunic and matching trousers. The wearer's surname is displayed on the right breast and ribbons are worn on the left. Rank insignia is displayed on each shoulder board, as well as on either side of the collar and on the cuffs. A magnetic pistol holster in mounted on the right thigh. A name tag displaying the officer's last name is mounted on the right hand side of the uniform while ribbons are worn on the left hand side. Rank insignia is displayed on the shirt cuffs, collar, and shoulder boards. Headgear is not known to be worn with either of these uniforms.

A variant of the second uniform worn by flag officers is white and resembles the standard white dress uniform. Flag officers wear peaked caps displaying the officer's crest with this uniform, and may also wear medals on the right breast below their ribbons.[4][6][7]

Undecorated uniform[edit]

This uniform was more formal in appearance, but decorations were not displayed.[Note 3] The officer's uniform design consists of a gray wool double-breasted tunic and jacket, and gray trousers. Rank insignia is displayed on the epaulettes on both the tunic and the jacket, though insignia can also be displayed on the jacket's collar. Both the tunic and jacket have large black shoulder and side sections, and appear extremely similar. However, the tunic has a black collar while the jacket does not, and a gold device is displayed there instead of rank insignia. The UNSC emblem is prominently displayed on the left breast of the jacket and tunic, with a name board below it.

Headgear for officers is a white-topped peaked cap displaying the officer's crest: A stylised black Unified Earth Government globe-and-olive-wreath on a silver shield, backed by two crossed gold fouled anchors, surmounted by a silver eagle. Unlike the white dress uniform, there is no separate cap design for females.

The enlisted uniform design consists of a single-breasted belted black tunic and matching trousers, with the UNSC emblem displayed prominently on the left breast. A sleeveless white top bearing the letters "UNSC" in black may be worn under the tunic, which is appropriate wear when working aboard ship.[8]

Armor-padded uniform[edit]

This version of the Service Uniform was in limited use during the last months of the Human-Covenant War,[9] this version gained prominence particularly after the end of the war in roughly 2554.[10] With the war over, new initiatives to explore uncharted worlds and rehabilitate those glassed by the Covenant led to an emphasis on the Unified Earth Government, with the revamped uniform bearing the UEG seal to indicate the UNSC's primary mandate is no longer a military campaign against an alien enemy, instead providing security to a new generation of colonists seeking to reclaim what was lost in the war.[10]

This version blends practical considerations with more ostentatious elements in having an integrated body armor vest and shoulder pauldrons for additional protection, while displaying decorations and prominent rank insignia.[Note 4] The uniform consists of a short tunic and trousers, both primarily colored gray; the insides of the trousers and sleeves as well as the midsection of the tunic under the armor vest are dark gray. The back of the vest has additional armor plating to protect the spine; an array of blue lights are displayed in these armor sections.

Rank insignia are displayed on the collar, the shoulder pauldrons and the cuffs. Ribbons are worn on the left breast, alongside a patch emblazoned with the Unified Earth Government symbol;[11] the uniform does not incorporate a name tag. A large metal shoulder piece may be worn on the left shoulder and additional armor plates may be fastened to the forearms. Utility pouches are often attached to the belt. Headgear is apparently not worn with this uniform.

A variant of this uniform used by the Office of Naval Intelligence lacks the rank insignia and is a darker shade of gray, along with several minor differences. Instead of the UEG symbol adorning the left breast on the standard Navy uniform, this version is emblazoned with a black ONI emblem.


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