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Were you looking for the orbital bombardment known as glassing?


Blue Team


Meridian Station



Halo 5: Guardians

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Jameson Locke (Fireteam Osiris)


October 25, 2558




Reach Meridian Station and recover Spartan Blue Team.

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Halopedia has a walkthrough guide for this level; see Glassed/Walkthrough.

Osiris must pursue Blue Team to a glassed world beyond UNSC jurisdiction.

Glassed is the third campaign level of Halo 5: Guardians.

Completing the level on any difficulty unlocks the "Glasslands" achievement, worth 10 Gamerscore points. Completing the level without any player using Smart-Link unlocks "Shoot from the Hip" achievement, worth 10 Gamerscore points, while completing it without entering any vehicle will unlock "Going the Distance", also worth 10 Gamerscore points.



Establishing shot: the UNSC Infinity.

Cut to the bridge of the Infinity. Dr. Catherine Halsey is speaking to Captain Lasky. Roland's hologram is above his desk.

  • Halsey: "I tried to warn you this was happening! Cortana is no longer an asset, Captain. She is a danger. She has accessed the Forerunner Domain, a galaxy-spanning network-"
  • Roland: "Cortana's alive?"
  • Halsey: "-that allows her to control whatever devices caused this damage."
  • Roland: "How is she-"
  • Halsey: "What? No. John must not speak to her."
  • Lasky: "-and he's gone in search of her."
  • Halsey: "You let him go?"
  • Roland: "How is that-"

Sarah Palmer enters and interrupts him.

  • Palmer: "Nobody lets the Chief do anything. He does what he wants."
  • Lasky: "Until 0631 this morning, when he was declared absent without leave."
  • Roland: "This isn't about the Master Chief."

Halsey interrupts him. Roland looks at her surprised.

  • Halsey: "John is not equipped emotionally to deal with her as a threat-"
  • Roland: "HEY! Is anyone going to answer me?!"
  • Lasky: "You're out of line Roland."
  • Roland: "Yes sir. But so is everyone else!"
Roland speaking to Dr. Halsey, Captain Lasky and Commander Palmer.

Roland gestures at Halsey, who looks at him mournfully.

  • Roland: "You created Cortana, Doc, and now you're throwing her out the airlock with these accusations!"
  • Lasky: "Roland."
  • Roland: "You think she tricked the Master Chief into abandoning his post? Respectfully, sir, to what end? Why is Cortana the problem?! Because she refused to die when she was supposed to?"

Fade to black.

Fade in to a hangar on the Infinity. A Mammoth is being loaded away. Nearby, Jameson Locke and Edward Buck work at a small lab.

  • Buck: "You're okay with this? Not just another target, you know."
  • Locke: "Every target is just another target, Buck."

Buck picks up and moves a briefcase.

  • Buck: "Yeah. For you maybe."
  • Buck: "I loved being an ODST."

Buck raises his pistol Whispered Truth and mimes shooting it.

  • Buck: "Point and shoot. None of this gray area BS."

Locke opens a machine that carries a gray disc suspended in anti-gravity. He takes it out of the machine.

  • Buck: "I mean, how are we even supposed to bring them in? Ask politely?"

Locke activates the disc, and it begins to spin, glow red, and whir.

  • Locke: "No."

Locke throws the device at Buck, and his armor locks in place. He struggles to move, as its shields flicker and its limbs become immobile.

  • Buck: "The hell?"

Locke pulls the device off Buck's armor, letting him move again.

  • Locke: "Armor restraint. Short circuit their systems."

Buck looks at the device worriedly as Locke walks away.

  • Buck: "You know, Locke..."

Locke turns to face him as their Pelican rises up.

  • Buck: "Every other Spartan... every soldier, when they hear about this... they're gonna hate us. You know that, right?"

Locke looks back at him coldly.

  • Locke: "You're not the only one here because of him."

He turns and walks away. Buck doesn't look reassured.

Fade to black.

Mission Start[edit]

Pinnacle Station's orbital section.

Fade in on an orbital elevator high above the surface of Meridian. Osiris' Pelican Kilo-97 flies to its dock.


Fireteam Osiris is assembled in the orbital elevator's cab. The cab has large windows, showing a low orbit view of Meridian.

  • Holly Tanaka: "The Covenant glassed this planet in '48. It was a UNSC colony then, but we never came back. Run by a private corp now. Chipping away the glass, making her livable."
  • Buck: (annoyed) "Why are we taking the long way down?"
  • Tanaka: "Because it's polite. Grew up on an indie colony like Meridian. Folks out here don't take kindly to the UNSC landing in the middle of town. Tend to see it as an act of aggression."

The elevator passes through atmosphere. Meridian's surface can be seen now. Explosions burst in the sky. A few burning pieces of debris fly by while Phaetons are also seen crashing and flying.

  • Buck: "Speaking of acts of aggression..."
  • Tanaka: "What the hell are Forerunners doing here?"
  • Locke: "Maybe we're not the only ones here for the Master Chief."

A new comm tag appears on the player's HUD.

  • Governor Sloan (COM): "Whoever the hell is on my elevator- (static) -identify yourself."
  • Locke: "This is Spartan Jameson Locke, UNSC."
  • Sloan (COM): "Thugs! (static) The lot of you!"
  • Locke: "To whom am I speaking?"
  • Sloan (COM): "This is Governor Sloan. And you can get- (static)"
  • Buck: "Governor didn't seem to want our help."
  • Locke: "Well he's going to get it anyway."
  • Elevator PA: "Approaching Meridian surface. Prepare to disembark."

The door opens and Osiris steps out of the elevator. Locke approaches an armed settler.

  • Settler: "Spartans?! What the hell are Spartans doing here?"
  • Locke: "What's going on?"
  • Settler: "Meridian Station's under attack! Sloan's trying to put up a fight, but... I got family up there. They ain't armed."
  • Locke: "Osiris, the people of Meridian Station need our assistance."
  • Sloan (PA): "Sloan to all hands. Take up defensive positions. Do not panic."
  • Elevator PA(Repeated): "Station under attack. Security protocols engaged."
  • Settler: "What the hell are those things?"
  • Settler: "What is this? What's happening?"

If Osiris returns to the previous Settlers.

  • Settler: "Get off Meridian, you monsters."
  • Settler: "UNSC forces on Meridian."
  • Settler: "Everyone remain calm. Governor Sloan's on top of the situation."

If Osiris approaches the console with the map of the station on it.

  • Sloan (COM): "Elevator control report."
  • Settler: "Governor, we got problems. Turret systems are offline."
  • Sloan (COM): (grunt) "I can't seem to do anything here. Looks like a problem in the lock down procedures. Try a local reset."

If the switch is pressed at the console with the map on it.

  • Settler (COM): "Governor Sloan. Come in, Governor. We're under attack! It's not Covenant. It's not UNSC. I don't know what they are, but we need help, now!"

Osiris arrives at the entrance to the space elevator. It's shut tight, with many armed settlers guarding it. A faint battle can be heard outside.

  • Settler: "Why are Spartans here?"
  • Settler: "Governor Sloan was right. The UNSC have come for us."
  • Any member of Osiris: "Meridian control. We need you to open the doors to the space elevator."
  • Any member of Osiris: "Open the doors so we can help."
  • Kingawa (COM): "Fine! Go!"
  • Settler: "Spartans on Meridian. Never thought I would see the day."
The courtyard in front of Pinnacle Station.

The door slowly opens, revealing an outdoor security station courtyard being attacked by hordes of Promethean Crawlers and Soldiers.

  • Settler: "They are running in."
  • Settler: "There's still people out there. Fighting. We are just standing here doing nothing. We need to go out there."
  • Vale: "Base is on lockdown. No way out."
  • Buck: "There must be a way to shut down the security system."
  • Tanaka: "Yeah. Eliminate the threat then lockdown ends."
  • Sloan (PA): "All good people of Meridian. You are hereby ordered to take up arms and defend your home from these aggressors."
  • Sloan (COM): "Elevator control. Get those automated turrets online."
  • Kingawa (COM): "We're trying, Governor! Security tower door's jammed!"
  • Buck: "Automated turrets? Those could be useful."
  • PA: "Hostile activity detected. Lockdown engaged."

If the player climbs to the top of the left security station, they reach the turret control room. Two miners inspect its locked door.

  • Settler: "Turret controls are in there, but the security shutter is jammed."

Locke smashes through the door. He presses a button inside, and turrets on the buildings open fire on the Prometheans.

  • Locke: "Turrets are online!"
  • Sloan (COM): "Wha- Spartans? You activated the turrets?"
  • Locke: "We're here to help, Governor."
  • Sloan (COM): (groans)

If the player climbs to the top of the left security station, at the top they reach a catwalk with spare sniper rifles. The Spartans can see over the gate, and behind it is the door's power source, which is sparking slightly.

  • Any member of Osiris: "There's a clear shot to a generator from up here."
  • Tanaka: "Take the shot, it'll drop power to the gate."

If the miner with the sniper is still alive and is looked at by a member of Osiris.

  • Miner: "I didn't survive Alluvion just to die here."

When shot, the generator explodes. The door to the courtyard slowly opens.

  • Locke: "Gates are open."
  • Sloan (COM): "What in the hell are you doing?"
  • Locke: "We're headed for Meridian Station."
  • Sloan (COM): "So you bust up the place on your way out?"

After most of the Prometheans are dead, two Promethean Knights arrive, each armed with an incineration cannon. More Soldiers and Crawlers accompany them.

  • Buck or Tanaka: "Knight Commander just showed up with a fresh pack of Prometheans!"


  • Vale or Locke: "Knight Commander just showed up with reinforcements!"
  • Buck: "Remember, they're weak on the glowing orbs on the sides!"


  • Tanaka: "Remember, they're weak on those glowing orbs at the sides!"

Osiris brings down the Knight Commander together.

If Osiris leaves with Prometheans still alive.

  • Vale: "There are still Prometheans back there."
  • Tanaka (COM): "You heard the man. People in town aren't well armed. They need us more."

With all the enemies dead, the security lockdown deactivates.

  • Buck: "Looks like we're all clear."
  • Sloan (COM): "Spartans? Was that your doing?"
  • Locke: "We just helped, Governor. Your people did a lot."

If someone finds the heavy weapons cache.

  • Any member of Osiris: "Found a heavy weapons cache."
  • Vale: "Why do civilians have heavy weapons?"
  • Tanaka: "Save the discussion of frontier politics until after the fight."

The security station's gates open, leading to a long road heading further down. A Warthog and two Gungooses are parked there.

If the player stalls.

  • Buck: "Meridian Station's a bit down the road. We should grab a Warthog and get driving."
  • Vale: "So, when this planet is chipped out of the glass, who has land rites?"
  • Tanaka: "No way to be sure of old property lines. Land'll be sold to cover the cost of cleanup."
  • Vale: "Doesn't seem fair to the people who lost their homes."
  • Buck: "You made it through boot camp and still use the word 'fair'?"

When the player moves past the first gate.

  • Locke: "Gates are open."

The Spartans head down the road. Above them, a Pelican is attacked by a pursuing Phaeton.

Numerous warp gates open, teleporting Prometheans to attack the Spartans and miners.

If Osiris encounter a radio.

  • Locke: "What's this? Looks like it came out of the glass."
  • Tanaka: "Looks like a radio from before the glassing."
  • Sloan (COM): "McCord River, report in."
  • Anele Pretorus (COM): "Governor Sloan! McCord River Bridge is sealed, but we're under heavy assault!"
  • Sloan (COM): "Make damn sure they don't get through to town!"
  • Tanaka: "Governor, if you open the bridge, Osiris can help Meridian Station."
  • Sloan (COM): "I let you through, those monsters will follow. No way!"


If the player shot the gate switch in the previous encounter.

  • Sloan (COM): "After your wanton destruction at the space elevator, you're damn lucky I don't have my people shoot you."


  • Sloan (COM): "If you want to help, then secure that bridge."
  • Settler: "Are we shooting aliens or the Spartans?"
  • Settler: "The aliens, you idiot. The Spartans are helping."

The Spartans aid the settlers and kill all the Prometheans.

  • Sloan (COM): "I'll be damned. The propaganda about Spartans doesn't lie. Listen. Across the bridge, closer to town, there's others that could use your help."
  • Locke: "We can do that, sir."
  • Sloan (COM): "Alright. Opening up."

The bridge's gate opens.

If the player looks out over the glassed surface.

  • Tanaka: "Seen others of course, but a glassed world only looks like one thing to these eyes. Minab. Home. Whole world got glassed. Some say it was lucky to survive... but those folks didn't scratch out livings as the sky turned black and the temperatures dropped."

If the player stalls.

  • Vale: "We've seen Prometheans lots of places, but there's always been a Forerunner element."
  • Buck: "Yeah? So?"
  • Vale: "Meridian was a fully settled colony. No record of Forerunner discoveries here."
  • Buck: "So why are there Prometheans here now?"
  • Vale: "That's what I'm asking. Haven't you been listening?"
  • Buck: "Ya know, you'd get along with Veronica real nice, Vale."
  • Tanaka: "Buck, heard you were in a relationship with someone else in the service."
  • Buck: "It's true."
  • Tanaka: "How do you do it? Can't possibly see much of each other, being on mission all the time."
  • Buck: "It's hard, but we make it work. Why do you ask, Tanaka? You got your eye on someone?"
  • Tanaka: "No. Just was wondering, that's all."

As the Spartans head across the bridge, they spot two Soldiers leap into an unoccupied Warthog, attacking them with it.

  • Buck or Locke or Tanaka: "The Soldiers can drive?!"

As Osiris heads on, they reach a valley with several garages. Several Knights are leading infantry to attack it.

  • William Khaleed (COM): "Governor Sloan! This is Billy at the garage! We're pinned down!"
  • Sloan (COM): "Spartans, my people in the service garage could sure use your help. And, well, they might just have a Scorpion in there."
  • Vale: "They have a tank. Why do they have a tank?"
  • Tanaka: "Gift horses, Vale."

As they fight the Prometheans.

  • Any member of Osiris: "That Knight's got a scattershot! Watch the spread on that!"

Most of the Prometheans are destroyed.

  • Sloan (COM): "Well done, Spartans. Head over to the garage. I'll have Billy open up."
  • Khaleed (COM): "Holy..."
  • Sloan (COM): "Billy, they're gonna need to borrow your toy."
  • Khaleed (COM): "What?"
  • Sloan (COM): "They'll get more use out of it than you will."

When all the Prometheans are dead.

  • Vale: "Area's clear."
  • Tanaka: "Meridian Station's just up the hill."

The Spartans enter the garage.

  • Vale: "Why did they have a Scorpion? This is UNSC gear."
  • Locke: "Corporate security. Private security for a frontier colony isn't unusual. Surprising to see something this heavy, though."

The Spartans climb into the Scorpion and drive up the hill. Some Crawlers and Focus Turrets appear to engage them.

  • Sloan (COM): "Spartans, you're close to Meridian Station now. If you could clear out the land between where you are and town...?"
  • Locke: "Of course, Governor."


If the player shot the gate switch in the security courtyard.

  • Sloan (COM): "Least you could do after busting up my gate."


  • Buck: "Wow. Pretty quick turnaround from (faux southern accent) 'get off my planet' to 'hey can you help?'"
  • Vale: "At least he's talking to us. That's a start."

The Spartans continue driving up the Scorpion. A Phaeton attacks a mining ship overhead, and many infantry attack the gate to Meridian Station.

  • Sloan (COM): "They're right on our doorstep, Spartans! Thought you were keeping them away from us?"
  • Locke: "Osiris, clear the area so they can open the gates."

The Scorpion easily blasts away the infantry attacking. The area seems clear.

  • Sloan (COM): "Is that good? Are we all clear?"

Warp portals begin to appear.

  • Sloan (COM): "Aw hell. Here they come!"

Several waves of Prometheans attack, bringing Knight, Soldiers, Soldier Captains, and many more Crawlers. The Scorpion fights them with the aid of miners at Gauss turrets nearby.

  • Sloan (COM): "Still a few of those things out there, Spartans."

Several more waves arrive but are eventually destroyed.

  • Sloan (COM): "Well, looks like you've done it. Never thought I'd thank the UNSC for a damn thing, but I do thank you, Spartans. Come on inside."

Level ends.


  • Buck's line "Not just another target, you know" is displayed twice in the subtitles.
  • In the opening cutscene, Buck's pistol Whispered Truth lacks its suppressor.
  • The Iron Skull can be found on this level on Legendary difficulty. After driving the Scorpion and passing Sloan's dialogue about clearing out enemies on the way, the player may see a cargo ship being chased by a Phaeton. Shooting down said Phaeton will cause the skull to spawn in three possible locations.
  • Destroying the gate generator will cause Prometheans to stop spawning in the elevator courtyard.
  • The Transport Warthog that is scripted to be destroyed by a Promethean Knight is a game set piece and cannot be driven.