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H5G - Array 1.jpg
Map overview


Halo 5: Guardians


Apex 7, Project BLACKBALL (simulated Halo ring environment)[1]


Tropical, rocky, Forerunner structure, UNSC bases

Gameplay overview

Recommended number of players:


Recommended gametype(s):

Warzone Assault

Halo erased a hundred billion possibilities to destroy a single inevitability.[2]

Array is a multiplayer map in Halo 5: Guardians, for the Warzone Assault gametype. It is a variant of Raid on Apex 7.



"Array" is a variant of "Raid on Apex 7", and thus differs with the original map in a number of ways. The weather is not sunny anymore, there is a storm instead. Various locations are blocked in order to reduce the map's surface. This was achieved by adding whole mountains on the map, which caused the disappearance of locations such as the Beach (where Tankmaster Rok and Captain Hestro usually appeared) or the East Coast (where Red Base was during mainstream Warzone matches). The changes to the map aim at streamlining the game's flow into more aggressive matches than in maintream Warzone. The only AIs who appear on "Array" are UNSC marines who help the defensive team to protect their bases.[3]


The defensive team's role is to protect the Spire from the attacking team, who are dropped in the Crossroads very close to the Forerunner building. If the attackers fail to take the Spire before time runs out, they lose the match. If they succeed, the timer is reseted and the defenders have to retreat to the Armory (East Armory in mainstream Warzone) and defend it. The round is played similarly. Once again, if the attackers manage to capture the Armory, the defenders must retreat to their Home Base and defend its Core. The base can be attacked either from its left (Crags) or its right (Ridge). If the attacking team successfully assault the base and destroy the enemy Core, they win the match. Otherwise, the defenders win if they manage to fend off the enemy and protect their Core.[2]


First Base[edit]

H5 WZA Array first base.PNG

Second Base[edit]

H5 WZA Array second base.PNG

Third Base[edit]

H5 WZA Array third base.PNG



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