Enemy Lines

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Before the Storm

Enemy Lines
H5G-Waypoint-Enemy Lines.jpg


Halo 5: Guardians


Jameson Locke (Fireteam Osiris)


October 27, 2558




Break through enemy lines and find the Constructor.

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In order to activate the Guardian, Osiris must track down a Forerunner Constructor.[1]

Enemy Lines is the tenth campaign level of Halo 5: Guardians.

Completing the level on any difficulty unlocks the "Breakthrough" achievement, worth 10 gamerscore points. Completing the level without destroying a Kraken turret unlocks "Kraken Lackin'", worth 10 gamerscore points. Escaping the doomed Kraken by jumping onto a Phaeton piloted by a Spartan unlocks "Emergency Boarding Procedures", worth 10 gamerscore points.



Cut to a mountain range on Sanghelios. A Pelican, flowing by Sarah Palmer and carrying Fireteam Osiris, flies past and slows to land above a cliff.

  • Palmer (COM): "Osiris, Halsey's Constructor is in a Forerunner facility north of here, but the Covies have a Kraken parked between you and it. Arbiter's people are set to hit the Kraken from the air while you handle ground support."

Cut to the interior of the Pelican, Locke's POV. The other members of Osiris are seated as the bay door opens.

  • Palmer (COM): "Once you've reached the rally point, Arbiter will give the green light."
  • Locke: "Understood, Commander."

The Spartans step out of the Pelican.

  • Palmer (COM): "Patching you into Arbiter's battlenet now. Good luck out there, Spartans."



The Spartans head into the tunnel ahead, passing a waterfall and ruins.

  • Flight Leader (COM): "To all Swords of Sanghelios, visual on Kraken. Stand by. All wings report."
  • Siqtar Leader (COM): "Attack wing Siqtar in position."
  • Lar Leader (COM): "Attack wing Lar in position."
  • Jardam Leader (COM): "Attack wing Jardam in position."
  • Flight Leader (COM): "All wings hold here until Arbiter signals our attack run."
  • Siqtar Leader (COM): "Confirmed. Holding steady."

The Spartans head into the ruins, where they overhear Unggoy arguing.

  • Locke: "Covenant ahead."

The Covenant spot the Spartans.

  • Unggoy: "Ahhh! Humans! Humans here!"

The Spartans engage the Covenant patrolling the ruins. The enormous Kraken can be seen outside.

  • Locke: "Commander Palmer, we're in position."
  • Palmer (COM): "Copy that. Arbiter, you're up."
  • Arbiter (COM): "Affirmative. Warriors of 'Vadam! Swords of Sanghelios! Commence attack!"
  • Lar Two (COM): "Affirmative."

Sword Banshees fly in and shoot at the Kraken. Its turrets fire back and it raises itself tall on its legs.

  • Palmer (COM): "Friendlies in the air, Osiris. Focus fire on ground forces."

The Kraken stands at its full height. Several Phantoms fly off of it to deploy troops.

  • Arbiter (COM): "All Banshee wings, engage the Kraken!"

The Banshees chase the Kraken as it begins to march away.

  • Palmer (COM): "Arbiter's people have the Kraken distracted. You're clear to advance on the Constructor's coordinates."
  • Locke: "Affirmative, Commander. Let's go."

The Spartans engage the landing Covenant.

  • Tanaka: "Jackals coming down the stairs!"
  • Buck: "Arbiter's taking that thing on in Banshees? That's brave."
  • Siqtar Leader (COM): "Attack wing Siqtar, focus fire on the deck."
  • Jardam Leader (COM): "Attack wing Jardam, flank. Target Covenant aircraft."
  • Lar Leader (COM): "Attack wing Lar, target propulsion control."
  • Lar Two (COM): "Kraken returning fire."
  • Lar Leader (COM): "Heavy enemy fire. Difficult to evade."
  • Palmer (COM): "Keep moving, Spartans. Covenant are bringing in reinforcements."

As the Spartans press through the enemy troops, they encounter an energy shield blocking the path.

  • Locke: "Shield in the way. Take it down."
  • Tanaka: "Shield's gotta have a weak spot."
  • Locke: "Get that shield down!"

If the player shoots the shields.

  • Tanaka: "The shield's self-repairing."
  • Locke: "Focus fire."

On the other side, a hole in the wall shows the exposed shield projector.

  • Locke: "I have a shot on the shield generator."
  • Tanaka: "Pop that, and the whole thing'll go."

The shield is destroyed.

  • Locke: "Shield's down."

Through the path is a yard with several vacant Ghosts.

  • Flight Leader (COM): "The Covenant abandon their ground forces!"
  • Siqtar Leader (COM): "Press the attack!"
  • Arbiter (COM): "Spartan. The enemy is retreating into the temple grounds. That location is between Osiris and their destination."
  • Palmer (COM): "Copy, Arbiter. Spartans, keep the pressure on."

The Spartans head through the path following the Covenant, but the Kraken steps down nearby.

  • Locke: "Keep your distance! Get to the temple grounds."
  • Flight Leader (COM): "Keep it out of range from the Spartans."
  • Lar Two (COM): "Two on the left! Engage!"
  • Siqtar Leader (COM): "Incoming! Watch out! Watch out!"

Many suicide Grunts pour out of the temple doors. The Kraken marches on, pursued by Banshees.

  • Lar Leader (COM): "Taking heavy fire!"
  • Jardam Leader (COM): "Watch the legs!"

The Spartans reach the end of the path to find a cave leading into further ruins.

  • Flight Leader (COM): "All wings, attract the Kraken away from the Spartans."

The Spartans go inside the ruins. It is dark inside, but there are no enemies within.

  • Flight Leader (COM): "They are falling back!"
  • Arbiter: "Spartans, the Kraken is pulling away. We move to pursue."
  • Palmer (COM): "Copy, Arbiter. Good hunting. Osiris, Kraken's out of the picture. Keep moving."

The Spartans arrive at the temple grounds. Packs of Covenant are stationed all over the courtyard, and a shield door blocks the entrance on the far end.

  • Buck: "There's another shield in the way."
  • Locke: "Let's find a way past."

As the Spartans clear out the courtyard, a Phantom arrives carrying reinforcements and a Wraith tank.

  • Tanaka: "Heads up! Incoming reinforcements!"
  • Buck: "Must've seen their buddies getting their asses kicked and decided to get some too!"

If the player breaks the cracked wall leading the tunnel under the Wraith.

  • Locke: "Passageway, under the shield!"

The Spartans go through the tunnel and reach the top exit, which opens behind the shield.

  • Locke: "I'm on the other side of the shield."
  • Palmer (COM): "Nice work, Osiris. Move inside."

When the shield is broken.

  • Locke: "Shield's down."

The Spartans are inside the temple.

  • Locke: "I'm heading into the temple. Regroup inside, Osiris."

The route leads to a room with ancient carvings and statues, but no exit.

  • Locke: "Dead end. Commander Palmer, you're sure we're headed the right way?"
  • Palmer (COM): "Affirmative. That's the only way through."
  • Vale: "Maybe there's a hidden mechanism? A door lock?"
  • Locke: "Look around, Osiris."

The walls have murals with Sangheili figures painted on them.

  • Locke: "Vale, what are these murals?"
  • Vale: "Those murals depict a pre-Covenant Sangheili burial ceremony. You guys... we're the first humans to see these."

The Artemis system points to an object on a balcony held by a statue.

  • Locke: "Found something. Up on the ledge."
  • Vale: "How do we go up there?"
  • Buck: "No stairs... we should be able to climb. Look at the sides."

At the top of the ledge is a small statue of a Sangheili with a sword.

  • Locke: "This has to be it."

Locke scans the statue with the Artemis and the room shakes.

  • Locke: "Something's happening."

The statue sinks into the ledge and slowly rotates. A wall ahead opens to reveal a path ahead.

  • Vale: "It worked. Doctor Halsey's coordinates are just through that door."
  • Locke: "Move, Osiris."

The Spartans enter the path. As they do, teleporting Prometheans speed past them.

  • Tanaka: "Hey, where did they go?"

The Spartans follow the Soldiers to an enormous open canyon. The entrance to the Forerunner facility can be seen on the other side, but the Kraken's dull roar is heard.

  • Palmer (COM): "Locke! Heads up! The Kraken's still in play!"
  • Locke: "I see it, Commander!"

The Kraken climbs down into the canyon, holding over the chasm with its legs.

  • Arbiter (COM): "Arbiter to all wings. The Kraken retreats! Press your attack!"
  • Vale: "That doesn't look like a retreat."
  • Locke: "Let's help Arbiter finish this!"

Parked at the canyon's edge are several Phaetons. The Spartans climb into them and take flight.

  • Locke: "Arbiter, we are airborne in Forerunner Phaetons."
  • Arbiter (COM): "Excellent. Bring fire upon the Covenant, Spartans."
  • Palmer (COM): "Spartans, I appreciate the bravery, but what's the plan?"
  • Tanaka: "Kraken's too well-armored to knock down. Best bet's get inside, destroy the generator."
  • Palmer (COM): "Make it happen, folks."

The Spartans battle the Kraken's numerous anti-air turrets.

  • Buck: "Open fire on the deck. Clear some space so we can land on the Kraken."

Locke lands and exits his Phaeton.

  • Locke: "I'm onboard the Kraken!"
  • Tanaka: "Generator will be on the bottom. Find a path, follow it down."

After descending one floor.

  • Tanaka: "Generator's on the lowest level. Move down."

After descending another floor.

  • Tanaka: "Keep moving down! Generator should be just below the hangar."

If the player stalls

  • Tanaka: "Kraken can be confusing, keep going down for the pulse generator."

Locke reaches the bottom floor. The enormous power core is there, protecting by several power rings.

  • Locke: "I found the generator."
  • Tanaka: "Hit her with a few rounds, then get the hell out of there."

Locke shoots the generator.

  • Locke: "Direct hit on the pulse generator."

The Spartans continue to shoot the power core. It slowly changes color from light blue to a heating red.

  • Locke: "It's working! The crew's panicking."

The power core overloads and then explodes.

  • Locke: "Generator offline."
  • Tanaka: "Get the hell out of there! Kraken's going down!"

The Spartans flee up the Kraken's levels.

  • Tanaka: "Locke! Evac, now!"

The Kraken shakes and its Covenant crew flee.

  • Buck: "Locke?! Get off the Kraken, now!"

Locke gets aboard an aircraft and flies off the Kraken.

  • Locke: "I'm clear of the Kraken!"

The Kraken loses power, and its legs crumble as the entire war machine falls into the chasm below.

  • Flight Leader (COM): "Victory!"
  • Arbiter (COM): "Victory! Well done, Spartans!"
  • Palmer (COM): "Hot damn, Osiris! That is beautiful work! Kraken's down. Time to grab that Constructor. Halsey's coordinates are inside that Forerunner site."

The gate to the Forerunner facility opens on approach. The Spartans fly inside and land at the door leading inside. Their aircraft disintegrate when parked.

  • Tanaka (COM): "Door's opening."

The Spartans enter the Forerunner facility. Inside is a room with two center balconies.

  • Buck: "Alright, where's this Constructor we're after?"
  • Locke: "Search the area."

Locke approaches a terminal on the room's far side. A hologram projects above it in the rough shape of a Guardian, with lines crisscrossing it and a glowing red center.

  • Locke: "Something woke up."
  • Tanaka: "It's a map of the region. See? That's the Guardian there. Not sure what it's connected to, though."
  • Buck: "Yeah, real pretty light show. Where's the Constructor?"
  • Tanaka: "Constructors repair things, right? So let's break something."

Locke punches the terminal, shattering parts inside. A Constructor flies down from the ceiling to inspect the damage.

  • Tanaka: "Come on. Got work for you."

Promethean Soldiers, Watchers, and Knights appear in the room.

  • Buck: "I think that they're mad we're stealing their Constructor."
  • Locke: "Clear the area."

When the Prometheans are defeated.

  • Locke: "All clear. Commander Palmer, we have the Constructor. Ready for extraction."
  • Palmer (COM): "Nice work, Spartans. Arbiter? Ready for pickup."
  • Arbiter (COM): "I am sending a ship your way, Spartans."

The Spartans exit the facility. An allied Phantom flies in to pick them up.


The Phantom takes off with the Spartans aboard. Cut to it flying through the gate and out of the canyon. Fade to black.

Level ends.


  • During development, the campaign level was titled "Plateau".[2]
  • Though difficult, the two teleporting Promethean Soldiers seen after passing through the temple can be killed, preventing them from entering their Phaetons.
  • This mission is the only mission in Halo 5: Guardians where Prometheans are featured as enemies but no Promethean Crawlers are present.