Battle of Noctus

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Battle of Noctus
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Map overview


Halo 5: Guardians


Noctus, Andesia[1]



Gameplay overview

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The attention paid by the UNSC to the colony of Andesia is no mere coincidence. Almost completely self-sufficient, wealthy, and highly populated, the planet is absolutely vital in the Unified Earth Government’s long-term plans for reunification and redevelopment of its extrasolar colonies. Unfortunately, the planet’s independence movements and off-world Insurrection terrorists only went underground during the Covenant War, and have reemerged stronger and more influential than ever before in its aftermath. While the planet’s corporate and political hierarchy remains loyal, large-scale combined-arms exercises in Warzone environments are absolutely critical in maintaining the UNSC’s killing edge against increasingly well-armed and motivated rebels who threaten the continuance of humanity as an interstellar species. Given the importance of securing Andesia’s critical industries and population centers with minimal collateral damage, it will be the elite Spartans who lead the assault in any hypothetical peacekeeping operation in Noctus and other metroplex areas.[2]

Battle of Noctus is a Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer level exclusively for the Warzone gametype. The map was released as part of the Cartographer's Gift expansion on December 16, 2015.[1] The Warzone Assault variant of the map is Urban, and was released as part of Infinity's Armory.


North Garage[edit]

H5 Map Noctus 01 North.PNG

South Garage[edit]

H5 Map Noctus 02 South.PNG


H5 Map Noctus 03.PNG