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Map overview


Halo 5: Guardians


Noctus, Andesia[1]



Gameplay overview

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Warzone Assault

In the aftermath of the Human-Covenant War, the underlying fractures in humanity that had precipitated the Insurrection once more became apparent. A dynamic combination of social engagement, reconstruction, and security operations was embarked on by the UNSC to disrupt nascent rebel movements, contain extremist politicians, and deny the Insurrection freedom of maneuver. The most difficult of these missions took place in the sprawling and densely populated urban metroplexes of worlds such as Andesia.[1]

Urban is a multiplayer map for the Warzone Assault gametype in Halo 5: Guardians. It is a remix of "Battle of Noctus".[1][2]



The Garage is the starting site of the map. It is a two-leveled round building, with two ramps inside leading to the top floor and one REQ station on each floor. Outside of the Garage are numerous hollow crates and SOEIV pods that can be used for cover or to clamber to the second level. The bottomless pit outside of the Garage on Noctus has been filled in and now holds a REQ station. Another one is on the right of the Garage to the right of the first outside station. A triangular walled lawn is to the left of the Garage, allowing players to clamber on it for a height attack or hide behind it. Attackers spawn by the outside REQ stations while defenders spawn behind the Garage. Attacking vehicles spawn by a road nearby the triangular lawn while defending vehicles emerge from underneath the Garage.

H5 WZA Urban first base.PNG


The Armory is the second base on the map after the Garage has been captured. It takes the place of the Monument on Battle of Noctus. Like other Armories, this one is a two-storied rectangular building with a REQ station on its bottom floor. It is on top of a grassy hill, with the smaller entrances facing towards the Garage and Core, respectively. The larger entrance faces away from the attackers, with boxes nearby allowing clambering to the roof. The attacking team has various walls, parked cars, and boulders for cover, some of which can be used to gain access to the roof.

H5 WZA Urban second base.PNG


The Core base is designed like those on other maps, with a central room with the core, two walkways on either side, two back ramps, and two entrance stairs. It is also where vehicles are spawned after the Garage is captured. Being on top of a slope, defenders cannot see attacking beneath their horizon's sightline, though they have enough view to snipe through the back entrance of the Armory.

H5 WZA Urban third base.PNG

Production note[edit]

On March 15, 2016, Urban was temporarily removed from matchmaking after the map was deemed to be too easy to spawncamp and spawnblock.[3] It was later brought back with adjusted spawns in the Ghosts of Meridian update.