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Halo 5: Guardians

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Noctus, Andesia

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Urban skyscraper, industrial

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Military-industrial concerns that power the UNSC war machine are prime targets for Insurrection factions.

Empire is a Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer map. It is set in an AMG Transport Dynamics Warthog manufacturing facility[1] in Noctus, the capital city of Andesia.[2] The map is based of the first location where the SPARTAN-II program was openly used to quell an insurgent uprising.[1] The remix version of this map is Eden.


Like many other maps in Halo 5: Guardians, Empire is symmetrical and emphasizes on verticality.

Red Base[edit]

Red Base is the area where red team spawns. It has exits leading to both Middle and Turbine. An SMG and two plasma grenades spawn on the platform attached to the main room, and a battle rifle spawns on a small balcony area that is able to be clambered to.

Blue Base[edit]

Blue Base.

Blue base is the area where blue team spawns. It is on the opposite side of the map and has a layout identical to Red Base, with a few aesthetic differences.

Top Middle[edit]

Top Middle.

Top Middle is the large area in the middle of the map which has stairs, ramps and ledges leading to all other areas of the map. Below a climbable ledge leading to Turbine is a depression in the floor where the overshield spawns. On top of two adjacent raised platforms are the frag grenade spawns.


Turbine is comprised of an open outside area with a circular section in the center which is partly indoors. It has entrances leading to both Red and Blue Bases, and a drop to the overshield spawn. Inside the circular area is the boltshot spawn and another frag grenade spawn. The outside area has two raised platforms on either side of the circular area, with storm rifle spawns and one raised platform running along the rim of the building, where in the middle is the Tufasumo-pattern plasma caster spawn and at either end are plasma grenades.


The Tower is located on the opposite side of the map to Turbine and is comprised of 3 levels:

Level 1 during the beta, with the SMG spawn instead of the shotgun spawn.

Level 1- The lowest level of the Tower is accessible from two entrances on either side of the room or a ramp descending from Level 2. The shotgun spawns in this area.

Level 2- Level 2 has ramps on either side leading to Top Middle and ramps leading up to Level 3. Behind a small wall near the center of the room is another plasma grenade spawn.

Level 3- Level 3 is the top level of Tower. It is exposed and is in jumping distance of the raised platforms on Top Middle as well as the platforms attached to Red and Blue Base. The DMR spawns on this Level.



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