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Battle of Sunaion

Before the Storm
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Halo 5: Guardians

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Jameson Locke (Fireteam Osiris)


October 27, 2558




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Osiris and the Swords of Sanghelios prepare for a final battle with the Covenant.

Before the Storm is the eleventh campaign level of Halo 5: Guardians.[1] It is also the third non-combat mission of the game.



Fade in to the canyon where the Swords of Sanghelios are stationed. A Phantom carrying Fireteam Osiris and slows to a hover over a ledge to land.



Jameson Locke and the other Spartans drop down from the Phantom. A Sword of Sanghelios Storm Elite runs past. The Forerunner Constructor also exits the Phantom and flies toward Halsey.

If the player stalls

  • Catherine Halsey (COM): "Spartans, the Constructor seems to working as planned, but it could take some time. Palmer was looking for you."

Sangheili Medical Tent[edit]

A couple of Sangheili medics are conversing while tending to a couple of wounded Sangheili

  • Sangheili Medic #1: "The Arbiter anticipates heavy resistance from Sunaion."
  • Sangheili Medic #2: "We will be prepared."
  • Sangheili Medic #1: "When we have multiple patients, who do we treat first?"
  • Sangheili Medic #2: "Begin with whoever holds the highest rank."
  • Sangheili Medic #1: "Brother, if we treat by rank, lives will be needlessly lost."
  • Sangheili Medic #2: "Listen, worm. I once witnessed a surgeon treating a Grunt's punctured lung, when a commander arrived with a broken leg."
  • Sangheili Medic #1: "And he demanded treatment before the Grunt?"
  • Sangheili Medic #2: "The commander waited for the moment, then limped to the operating table and snapped the surgeon's neck."
  • Sangheili Medic #1: "By killing the surgeon, the commander endangered his troops. With no medical staff---"
  • Sangheili Medic #2: "By returning to the frontlines, we avoid further casualties."
  • Sangheili Medic #1: "Mainly our own."
  • Sangheili Medic #2: "Call it cowardice if you will, but if we are dead, brother, who would care for the wounded?"
  • Sangheili Medic #1: "We have traded our honor for a chance to save lives. Cowardice is far beneath us, brother."
The Swords of Sanghelios fleet preparing to attack Sunaion.

Arbiter and Palmer[edit]

Commander Sarah Palmer is speaking to the Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, at his meeting tent.

  • Thel 'Vadam: "Everything is prepared. We will begin when the Constructor is ready."
  • Palmer: "Dr. Halsey said the calibration could take days."
  • Thel 'Vadam: "Then we will begin without it! I have waited too long to let this opportunity pass."
  • Palmer: "What did you think of our Sunaion attack heading alterations?"
  • Thel 'Vadam: "It is not the kind of plan I would expect from a human. You suggest flying low and close to the structure."
  • Palmer: "What, you're saying your pilots aren't up to the challenge?"
  • Thel 'Vadam: "I am moments from a decisive victory for my home planet, Commander Palmer. Do not try to goad me."
  • Thel 'Vadam: "Today, the Covenant's spine will be broken. This is a glorious day for the Sangheili."
  • Palmer: "You'll have Humanity's best beside you."

Reporting to Palmer[edit]

If the player speaks to Palmer while she is talking to the Arbiter.

  • Palmer: "Halsey set the calibration. Let us take care of the guns. Just make sure you come through with that air support."
  • Locke: "Commander? Mission complete. Doctor Halsey has the Constructor."
  • Palmer: "Good work, Osiris. Once Halsey has the Constructor sorted, Arbiter's people can move on Sunaion, and I'll get her off world."

Reporting to Halsey[edit]

Dr. Halsey is at the Constructor control balcony. The Constructor is floating above her.

  • Halsey: "Osiris? Come look at this!"

If the player speaks to her.

  • Halsey: "I'm using this structure to upload the recording from Meridian into the Constructor. Make sure you're ready to go when I give the signal."
  • Locke: "Standing by, Doctor."
  • Halsey: "Get comfortable. It could be hours before-"

The Constructor beeps and begins flying away.

  • Halsey: "I take it back! It's headed for Sunaion! It's moving toward the Guardian!"
  • Locke: "Arbiter! It's time!"

Fade to black


Fade in to Swords Banshees and a Sword Phantom zooming over the sky. On the ground, the Arbiter lifts his lit energy sword, the Prophets' Bane.

The other Storm Elites roar and light their energy swords. They then walk to their dropships, the Spartans and Halsey following.

  • Halsey: "You know what I did to create the Spartans. All in the name of the greater good."
  • Locke: "Doctor, we don't have time-"
  • Halsey: "Cortana is built from a matrix of my own mind. The Domain gives her incredible power."
  • Locke: "I understand."

Locke turns and begins to walk away.

  • Halsey: "Spartan Locke!"

Locke turns to face Halsey.

  • Halsey: "Stop her. But please. Bring John home to me."

Halsey looks at Locke pleadingly. Fade to black.

Level ends.


  • There is an Intel Log where Murok 'Vadam led the Covenant to the Arbiter at the Elder Council Chamber, and was summarily executed for his betrayal. According to the novel Halo: The Cole Protocol, Murok was not the first known member of Thel's keep to betray him and eventually die at his hands. Him assassinating the last Covenant Elites was his introduction scene to this game, while him killing his would-be-assassins was his introduction in the aforementioned novel.

Easter eggs[edit]

  • In this level, there is an Intel Log where a Unggoy named Gribyam, self-proclaimed biologist, was observing Dr. Halsey, and coming up with very absurd notes of Human biology.