Elder Council Chamber

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The Elder Council Chamber during the Battle of Nuusra.

The Elder Council Chamber is a structure in the Nuusra region of Qivro, Sanghelios used for meetings between members of the Elder Council to discuss state government matters.[1]



The building was constructed not long after the formation of the Covenant, seemingly built in homage to the San'Shyuum.[1]

Battle of Nuusra[edit]

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On October 27, 2558, during the Battle of Nuusra, Jul 'Mdama's Covenant staged an attack on the Elder Council Chamber with the intent of killing Arbiter Thel 'Vadam. However, the Covenant forces were soon defeated by the Swords of Sanghelios and the UNSC's Fireteam Osiris, with Osiris evacuating the Arbiter.[1]


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