Swords of Sanghelios (level)

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This article is about the campaign level. For the post-war Covenant splinter faction, see Swords of Sanghelios.





Swords of Sanghelios
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Halo 5: Guardians


Jameson Locke (Fireteam Osiris)


October 27, 2558




Reach the Elder Council Chamber and rescue the Arbiter.

Halopedia has a walkthrough guide to this level, Swords of Sanghelios (level). See Swords of Sanghelios (level)/Walkthrough.
When evidence reveals the Master Chief is in danger, Fireteam Osiris' mission changes from retrieval to rescue.

Swords of Sanghelios is a campaign level of Halo 5: Guardians. Completing the level on any difficulty unlocks the 'Swords' achievement, worth 10 gamerscore points. Destroying ten walls or floors on the level unlocks the 'No knock raid' achievement, worth 10 gamerscore points.



Open on the UNSC Infinity floating in space. Cut to its hangar interior. A Pelican passes over Sarah Palmer and Dr. Halsey, who are bringing luggage aboard another Pelican with the help of Marines. Locke and Vale approach them.

  • Locke: "You're loading up, Commander?"
  • Palmer: "We're going to see if Halsey can learn to speak Guardian."
  • Halsey: "I'll have a briefing for you by the time we reach Sanghelios."
  • Locke: "See you planetside."

Palmer nods, then Locke and Vale walk away.

  • Locke: "After he killed millions of our people."
  • Vale: "So why didn't you?"
  • Locke: "Things changed."

The two Spartans stop to face Captain Lasky, escorting an allied Sangheili Storm. Unlike those of the Covenant, he wears sleeved red armor.

  • Sangheili: "The Arbiter is engaged in combat. We will escort you to him."

Vale follows the Sangheili, while Locke steps aside to speak with Lasky.

  • Lasky: "Locke. The planet's deep in a civil war. If this all goes sideways-"
  • Locke: "I understand, sir. It's not my first mission that doesn't exist."

Lasky nods.

  • Lasky: "Good luck Spartan."

Locke nods back and walks past, Lasky watching him with a worried expression. Cut to the hangar's edge, where the Spartans and Sangheili step into a red-armored Lich. With them aboard, the Lich flies off the Infinity, carrying a Phantom docked underneath it.


Open on the Urs system. The Lich flies past two moons, still carrying its docked Phantom. The Phantom separates from the Lich's gravity lift and flies toward Sangheilios.

Cut to the surface of the planet. In the distance, the Phantom flies over a desert region.


Cut to a valley. The Phantom comes to a stop and hovers over a creek. It activates its turret and its gravity lift. Fade to white and then black.


Mahkee 'Chava's Phantom dropping Fireteam Osiris.


Fireteam Osiris descends from the Phantom, dropping into the creek below. There are cliffs and statue ruins all around them. Their Phantom flies away.

  • Locke: "And Arbiter's location?"
  • Mahkee (COM): "You will find Arbiter at the Elder Council Chambers. Victory to clan and kin, Spartans. Mahkee out."
  • Vale: "I'm impressed. Arbiter has females in his ranks. War has traditionally been a male's job on Sanghelios."

If the player stalls.

  • Buck: "So Vale, you think Arbiter can win his war?"
  • Vale: "Easily. Maintaining peace afterwards will be the hard part. Arbiter built the Swords of Sanghelios from a coalition of bickering clans. It will be a heck of a magic trick if he can keep them from turning on one another once they don't have the Covenant to fight."

The Spartans follow the creek. There is an ocean on their left, where distant buildings can be seen.

  • Vale: "Sunaion. That's where the Guardian is located."
  • Tanaka: "Gonna need serious backup to get anywhere near it."
  • Locke: "We need the Swords of Sanghelios. And that means we need Arbiter."

If the player stalls again.

  • Buck: "All quiet here. Best get moving."

The Spartans continue down the stream, now flanked by tall cliffs. As they approach a valley, they hear hostile Sangheili broadcasting on a loudspeaker.

  • Any member of Osiris: "Covenant forces ahead."
  • Sangheili: "Secure the area! Kill every Sword of Sanghelios you see! For the Covenant!"

The infantry spot Osiris approaching.

  • Unggoy 1: "Who is over there?"
  • Unggoy 2: "They're humans!"
  • Unggoy 3: "Humans on Sanghelios!"

A Spirit arrives carrying more troops.

  • Vale: "Spirit inbound."
  • Buck: "Nice of 'em to send a welcome wagon."
  • Locke: "Let the guns talk, Osiris!"

The Spartans battle the numerous Rangers. As they cross the valley, they encounter a Shade turret defending a cave.

  • Locke: "Watch the turret!"
  • Tanaka: "Could try to flank it."
  • Sangheili Commander: "Do not let them reach the Arbiter!"

The Spartans defeat the last of the infantry.

  • Locke: "All clear. There's a path carved into the cliff here."

If a Spartan finds a curveblade.

  • Buck: "Look at this sword. It must have been here for centuries. There's a Sangheili inscription on it."

They move into the cave. Inside, they find numerous dead Sangheili bodies, those of the Arbiter's faction.

  • Locke: "Bodies ahead. Swords of Sanghelios. Covenant must've caught 'em by surprise."


  • Buck: "Dead Elites ahead. Looks like they're with the Swords of Sanghelios."
  • Vale: "(speaking Sangheili)"
  • Locke: "What's that, Vale?"
  • Vale: "Sangheili burial prayer. 'A warrior at birth, a warrior in death'."

They pass the bodies and go further into the cave.

  • Buck: "Arbiter's an ally, so these dead here are our brothers as far as I'm concerned."
  • Tanaka: "Agreed. Time for payback."

Locke moves up, and the narrow cave path leads to an enormous cavern, with ruins leading to the top. Several Kig-Yar Snipers defend it from on high.

  • Locke: "The cavern opens up here."
  • Buck or Tanaka: "Snipers on that ridge ahead."
  • Buck: "Stick to cover 'til we get 'em in range."
  • Unggoy 1: "The false Arbiter is friends with these humans?"
  • Unggoy 2: "The Arbiter is dead! The war is over!"

Osiris eliminates the snipers and several other infantry below. They drop into the cavern, but Covenant drop pods land inside.

  • Buck or Vale: "Whoa!"


  • Tanaka: "HOLY-!"

The Spartans fight through several Rangers, Grunts, and Jackals.

  • Locke: "Push forward, Osiris. Ramp on the right."

Reaching the other side, they start to climb up the sloped ruins.

  • Buck: "We've got a Phantom."

The dropship floats into the cavern and deploys several Jackal Rangers. Many Grunts and Elites defend the ruins with turrets.

If the player heads for a cracked wall

  • Locke: "Split up, Osiris!"

If the player stalls.

  • Vale: "These are pre-Covenant Sangheili ruins. They were already ancient history before humanity built the pyramids."

As the Spartans near the top, more drop pods land.

  • Buck or Vale: "More pods!"

Locke reaches the top of the hill, seeing Covenant heading out a door toward them.

  • Locke: "I'm at the top of ridge! There's an exit up here!"
  • Mahkee (COM): "Spartans, yes, that is the path you seek."

The Spartans kill the last of the Covenant there.

  • Tanaka: "All clear."


  • Buck: "Hostiles cleared."

They head through the doorway, which leads into an old hall. There are crates with Covenant weapons inside.

  • Tanaka: "The Covenant are talking like they've already got the Arbiter beat."
  • Locke: "If we lose the Arbiter, reaching the Guardian at Sunaion gets complicated."

If the player inspects the weapon crates

  • Locke: "Ammo up, Osiris."


As they reach the back door of the hall, numerous Covenant dropships fly past.

  • Locke: "Covenant flying in."
  • Buck: "Act. Casual. Maybe they won't notice us."
  • Tanaka: "Covies seem convinced they can win this thing."
  • Locke: "If they kill the Arbiter, they'll be well on their way."

The dropships fly to an ancient temple. Plasma fire can be seen coming to and from it.

  • Locke: "That building's taking a beating."
  • Vale: "That's the Elder Council Chamber. Mahkee said the Arbiter was there."

The Spartans cross a chasm. On the other side is a coliseum protected by infantry Grunts, Jackals, and Elite Rangers. The Spartans engage them.

  • Mahkee (COM): "Spartans, I'm coming to you now."
  • Locke: "Got it, Mahkee. Spartans, clear the Shipmaster a landing zone."

A Covenant dropship arrives above.

  • Tanaka: "Spirit inbound."

Two Mgalekgolo drop down from it.

  • Locke: "Hunters! Clear the area Osiris!"

The Hunters engage the four Spartans.

  • Mahkee (COM): "Waiting for your all-clear signal, Spartan Locke."
  • Locke: "Working on it, Mahkee!"

The two Hunters are eventually killed.

  • Mahkee (COM): "I am approaching your position. Hold your fire."
  • Locke: "Check your fire. Friendly incoming."

Mahkee's Phantom arrives. It deploys several allied Sangheili Storm and two Mantises.

  • Mahkee (COM): "Your commander Palmer thought you would find these useful."
  • Buck: "I do like the way she thinks."
  • Mahkee (COM): "Covenant reinforcements move on the Elder Council Chamber. Time is running low, Spartans."
  • Locke: "We'll clear a path to the Arbiter. Just be ready for extraction."
  • Mahkee (COM): "I shall await your signal."
  • Locke: "Mount up, Osiris!"

Locke and another Spartan take control of the Mantises. The Swords Elites assemble by a large door in the coliseum, which opens to reveal a temple interior with panicking Covenant infantry.

  • Locke: "Covenant! On me, Osiris!"

The UNSC and Swords forces blast away most of the infantry. A Spirit arrives to the courtyard, carrying more.

  • Tanaka or Vale: "Dropship!"
  • Locke: "Clear the area from enemies, Osiris."

The Mantises and Elite kill the temple's Covenant. Several of them take command of a vacant Sword Wraith.

  • Vale: "All clear."
  • Sangheili: "I will open the door for you, Spartans. Opening the door. The Council Chamber is on the other side of the courtyard."

The large door opens to an enormous courtyard. Several Wraiths, Hunters, and infantry guard it from all sides.

  • Mahkee (COM): "Spartans, the Elder Council Chambers are on the far side of that courtyard. Hurry. We have lost contact with Arbiter's forces within."
  • Locke: "Copy that. Let's get the Arbiter out of there."
  • Vale: "Hostile Wraiths are ready to engage!"

If the player looks up at the Covenant corvette in the sky.

  • Buck: "Covenant corvette overhead."
  • Tanaka: "Locke, that thing can glass this courtyard in a heartbeat."
  • Locke: "We can't fight it. Move towards the Council Chamber."

The Spartans move up the courtyard, battling a Hunter pair.

  • Mahkee (COM): "Spartan, Arbiter's forces are losing this fight. How much longer until you reach the Chambers?"
  • Locke: "We're working on it, Mahkee. I'll notify you when we're ready for extraction."

As the Spartans continue forward, dropships arrive with more troops.

  • Tanaka or Buck: "Spirits incoming, right side!"

The Spartans reach the far end of the courtyard, which leads to a hallway going further ahead.

  • Locke: "Keep fighting, Osiris. We have to reach the Council Chamber."

The Spartans continue in the hallway, climbing up its stairs and mowing down infantry.

  • Locke: "Stand by, Mahkee. We'll get to the Arbiter soon."
  • Mahkee (COM): "Standing by."

The Council Chamber can be seen now. Many Covenant attack its outer entrance. A Sangheili Blockade Runner is overhead, and many destroyed Sword Wraiths and Sword Phantoms litter its courtyard.

  • Locke: "We're almost there. Hurry."
  • Buck: "If there is one Sword of Sanghelios left, it's the Arbiter."

The Spartans reach the end of the hallway, and the Covenant attacking the chamber engage.

  • Locke: "Coming up on the Council Chamber! Get in there! Now!"

Several drop pods land to stop them.

  • Tanaka: "Insertion pods incoming."
  • Locke: "Push through Osiris!"

If the player stalls.

  • Vale: "Arbiter's trapped inside. We should hurry."

The Spartans cross the small courtyard, but two more pods land before they can enter the Chamber.

  • Buck: "Son of a... more pods!"

The two Sangheili Warriors are defeated. Locke enters the chamber and engages the infantry inside.

  • Locke: "Mahkee, we've reached the Council Chamber!"
  • Mahkee (COM): "Understood. On my way."
  • Vale: "Kaidon! We're here to help! (speaking Sangheili)"

Several Swords Elite defend the Chamber's stairs. With Osiris' help, they defeat the infantry attacking them.

  • Buck: "He's not here."
  • Locke: "Up the stairs!"

The Spartans head up the stairs, aiding the allied Elites along the way.

  • Locke: "We're almost there, Mahkee! Get ready!"
  • Mahkee (COM): "I am on my way."

If the player stalls.

  • Buck: "Can't stay here much longer. Covies are headed this way!"

As Locke heads up the stairs, the Arbiter's waypoint becomes visible.

  • Arbiter Thel 'Vadam: "The Swords of Sanghelios will be victorious! Close closer, traitor, and see how a true Sangheili fights!"
  • Sangheili: "It would be my honor! Kill him!"
  • Arbiter: It will be your honor to die.

Locke reaches the top and sees the Arbiter. Two Covenant, a Storm and a Warrior, attack him. The Arbiter stabs one with his energy sword and tosses him away, then slashes the other one as he charges.

  • Arbiter: For Sanghelios!
  • Locke: "Arbiter! Ready for extraction."
  • Arbiter: "Spartans? What is the meaning of this?"

The Arbiter deactivates his sword and heads to Mahkee's Phantom. Locke joins him there.


Mahkee's Phantom, with the survivors and the Spartans aboard, flies off and flees the ruins.

Level ends.


Easter Eggs[edit]

  • The Mythic Skull can be found on this level, hidden on a platform nearby where the Spartans witness dropships heading to the Council Chambers. Reaching the skull requires a jump increased by both sprint and boost, the Smart Scope to levitate, then boosting again to do a "double jump."
  • Twelve pieces of Mission Intel can be found on this level.
  • The campaign level takes place on the same date as the release of Halo 5: Guardians, albeit 543 years in the future.
  • There are two dead Elites right outside the council chamber holding hands.