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norwich, United Kingdom


United Kingdom

About me

I love halo all the games I try to save every ally even the ones scripted to die in the games

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Personal information

Action Comedy Horror


Family guy south park American dad future rama simpsons


Hip hop rap RNB


Hardbook halo books

Video games

Take a Guess Genius.




Junkfood but not fat ahahaha


Pepsie beer etc

Halo tidbits
Favorite Halo moment

When I first saw unsc and elites fighting side by side.

Worst Halo moment

Halo 2 mission gravemind on Legendary that was hell.

Anything else

I have played all the Halo games I enjoy playing halo on pc aswell, sometimes I go back to the masterchief collection or even my 360 to play halo reach but right now I am enjoying halo 5, I love the epic battles in halo aswell and I try to save as many friendly ai as possible, I play thway halos ment to be played on Heroic.

Favourite missions Halo 1-5

Halo Ce storming the beach on silent cartographer with the small team of marines and the scorpion siege on Assault on the control room.

Halo 2 I have like 6 favourite missions but my best are Quarantine zone and delta halo.

Halo 3 ODST only one favourite mission really and that is Kizingo Blvd.

Halo 3 I have 4 favourite missions but my best are, the First time you encounter the scarab on the storm with all those marines assisting you and the mission the covenant with the unsc and swords of sanghelios finishing of the prophet once and for all.

Halo 4 I have 1 favourite mission and that is the armour assault on the gravity well on Reclaimer.

Halo 5 Guardians I have 3 Favourite missions but my best are Assisting tones of miners against promethean forces on evacuation, and seeing once again unsc and the swords of sanghelios fighting side by side on the mission Swords of Sanghelios like evacuation of the arbiter fireteam Osiris in two mantis and a sword wraith with 4 elites armed with fuelrods and sword banshees vs the whole covenant army which is really really fun, anyone wanna play some campaign feel free to message me.

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