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Enemy Lines

Swords of Sanghelios
Level overview



Rescue the Arbiter from the Covenant.


Sanghelios, Nuusra

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This is a walkthrough for the eighth level of Halo 5: Guardians, Swords of Sanghelios. It is written for play at Legendary and Heroic difficulty.

Level notes[edit]

  • The Mantis is much improved from the previous game. It has lock-on missiles and faster shield regeneration unlike Halo 4's incarnation. However, it still has only the health of a Warthog so caution is very much necessary when piloting it on Legendary. Since it also has little HUD now, keep an eye on your Mantis' arms to tell you if it's reloaded yet or not.
  • This level has some very far apart checkpoints, so caution is key to keep death from sending one very far back (if you're playing without revives.)
  • Covenant turrets can be severed from their base if shot in their center. Doing this with a long-range weapon can deny enemies a heavy emplacement.

Swords of Sanghelios (Level Start)[edit]

Enemies at the River[edit]

  • Tanaka: "Covenant forces ahead."
  • Sangheili (PA): "Secure the area! Kill every Sword of Sanghelios you see! For the Covenant!"
  • Unggoy: "For Sanghelios! For Balaho!"
  • Kig-Yar: "For profit!"

There is no combat at the site you land at until you pass into the river canyon. It leads to a wider area made up of a river bank and a rock-walled clearing, where Elite Rangers, Grunts, and Jackals are stationed. You start out with a battle rifle and pistol, but won't find any more ammo for them later so feel free to use them all up.

When passing through the canyon, climb up to the right side as the enemies spot you and break through a cracked wall. In there is a small cave with a crate of Carbines. Here is a safe spot to pick off infantry from a distance, whether Grunts or Jackals. For Elites, have Osiris focus on them to aid breaking their shields. Ranger have fairly weak shields, but these are armed with carbines and so should not be engaged if your shields are down. When you don't see any more infantry, cross the first pond. Two pairs of shield Jackals will attempt to block the path, but you can easily blow them out of the way with plasma grenades. Should your pistol or battle rifle be low or out of ammo, switch it for a carbine. Collect a plasma pistol as well too.

Past the rock wall are more Covenant defending a Shade turret. Peek out from cover, and use the plasma pistol overcharge to stall the turret, then another to take the shields off Elite pilots. You can then headshot it and repeat the process for more that enter the turret. Sometimes ordering a teammate into the Shade can serve as a distraction for the enemies, but on Legendary it may be too risky without getting your teammates disabled. Otherwise, pick off infantry with the carbine and plasma pistol. When they're all dead, look for more Carbine ammo then keep going.

At the second

Snipers and Stragglers[edit]

Ruins, First Floor[edit]

Ruins, Second Floor[edit]

Ruins, Third Floor[edit]

Hornet's Nest[edit]

Rangers and Hunters[edit]

The Mantis and Swords[edit]

The Great Courtyard[edit]

The Elder Council Entrance[edit]

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