Kig-Yar Heavy

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Ground assault, defense, recon, boarding


Kig-Yar (Ibie'shan)


Jul 'Mdama's Covenant


Heavy[1] is a specialist combat role for Kig-Yar serving in Jul 'Mdama's Covenant. Most, if not all Heavies serving in the post-war Covenant belong to the subspecies of Kig-yar from the continent of Ibie'sh. Heavies are skilled and experienced Kig-Yar meant to support trackers and scouts and participate in boarding actions.[2][3][4]


The Heavy is equipped with armor that provides excellent protection. Its design is intended to reflect the Kig-Yar's station and intimidate enemies. The Heavy wields an orange point defense gauntlet, and wears a helmet contrary to most Kig-Yar infantry troopers. They are typically deployed as support for scouts and trackers.[5] During the Battle of Requiem and Requiem Campaign, Kig-Yar Heavies were typically armed with Type-33 Needlers or Type-25 plasma pistols.[6] By October 2558, they began to use Type-56D needlers and Type-54D plasma pistols.[7]


Like their Major counterparts in past games, Kig-Yar Heavies are somewhat tougher and smarter than the Storm Jackals. On higher difficulties, their point defense gauntlets can withstand a single Overcharged plasma pistol shot. They also use the Needler more often than the Storm. In addition, Heavies are harder to stun by shooting them in their exposed gun hand than the Kig-Yar Storms. In general, however, they are still relatively easy to defeat. Despite their protective helmets, a single precision shot to the head will usually bring them down. Although an Overcharged Plasma Pistol shot will not completely disable a Kig-Yar Heavy's shield, it will stagger it, leaving it open to attack.


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