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A T'vaoan Murmillo.

Murmillo (plural: Murmillones)[1] is a shock trooper role employed in the armed forces of the Covenant empire. The role was typically held by Kig-Yar soldiers, especially those of T'vaoan origin.[2]


Murmillones are selected from the best combat-rated T'vaoans holding the rank of Major. Murmillones specialize in close-quarters combat. The armor of Murmillones is based off of ancient Kig-Yar gladiatorial designs. These ancient Kig-Yar would hold inter-clan physical combat competitions in the largest population centers on Eayn's biggest continent.[1] They generally strike in packs and attempt to flank the enemy and use their shield gauntlets to cover their exposed bodies, including their heads, while strafing enemies.[3]


Murmillones wear orange armor, helmets covering their whole head, and sport a small point defense gauntlet on each forearm. Their armor is created from an unidentified alien alloy that is reinforced for heavy combat. Murmillo armor has numerous varieties of sensory upgrades, including improved night vision and optical integration with their weapons. Some Murmillones are equipped with Type-27 holograms.[1] They normally carry plasma pistols, needlers, focus rifles, and Gadulo-pattern needle rifles.[3]

In-game information[edit]

Halo: Reach[edit]

Murmillones are fast and highly agile. They will often attempt to flank the player, or jump to higher terrain to snipe players. They can also use their twin shields to deflect incoming fire, for example, they will raise their shield to protect the face when a player begins to target the head. However, unlike the shields carried by Jackal infantry, Murmillo shields do not cover much of their bodies. When on the move, they will often keep their shield arms at their sides, leaving their fronts vulnerable. Like lower ranking Skirmishers, Murmillones can be brought down by a single precision headshot.


The rank is named after the Murmillo, a type of gladiator in the Roman Empire.


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