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One pattern of the Needler, most commonly referred to as a Type-33 needler.
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Subanese crystal-based weaponry[1]




Subanese crystal projectile weapon[2]

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Needler, also named Needler pistol,[5] is a name applied to a series of automatic Covenant weapons[2] that launch chemically charged Subanese crystal designed to home in on a target.[1]


Design details[edit]

The needler is often seen with an upper cowling where the crystal ammunition exposed sticks out of. The stock of the weapon is often at the bottom of the weapon and doubles as the weapons power supply. The channel brace of the weapon is where the crystal ammunition is fired out of.[3] When preparing to fire and launch the crystals, the needler breaks them, and charges their chemical mixture.[2]

The needler is also considered unique among Covenant weapons in that it does not require Forerunner technology to function.[6]


Main article: Subanese crystal

The needler makes use of Subanese crystal designed to home in onto targets as its ammunition.[1] When in the weapon the crystal is exposed above the weapon.[2] Different variants of the weapon using calibrated shard of the crystal.[7]

After the crystal shards have been charged and launched from needler, the shards home towards a target if one is present. If a shard hits a target it becomes chemically reactive and usually detonates,[2] where if more than one shard is in a target it explodes in a "supercombine" chain reaction with the other shards.[6]

Development history[edit]

Prior to the Covenant's formation, the Sangheili mined Subanese Crystals, using it in unique ways.[6]

Prior to 2552, the needler was manufactured by the Sacred Promissory on High Charity.[2] After the fall of High Charity during the Great Schism, the manufacturing of the needler fell to Lodam Armory.[3]


The needler was a weapon favored by poorly trained Covenant soldiers due to its "supercombine" explosion.[6] Used throughout the Human-Covenant War, humanity recorded some needlers in 2533 in their Type classification system as the Type-33 needler. [8]

After the Human-Covenant war the needler saw continued use, where humanity then proceeded to record more needlers in 2556 under Type-56, such as the Type-56D needler.[4]

During the Battle for Zeta Halo, the Banished employed the Posu'gelka-pattern needler. It was primarily used by Unggoy Conscripts and Ultras, Kig-Yar Freebooters, and Skirmishers.[9]


Type-33 needler[edit]

Main article: Type-33 needler

The "Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher", also known as the "Type-33 needler", is a human term for a group of needlers that were seen across the Human-Covenant War.[10][11][12][2]

Type-56 needler[edit]

The "Type-56 needler" is a human term for a group of needlers that were started to be recorded in 2556.[4]

Posu'gelka-pattern needler[edit]

Main article: Posu'gelka-pattern needler

This variant of needler has an ammo counter on the chassis. This variant was employed by the Banished during the Battle for Installation 07 in 2560.[9]

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In-game information[edit]

The Needler has appeared in several games in the Halo franchise.


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