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The mec-missiler, also referred to as the mec-missile launcher, is a semi-automatic, homemade, crossbow-like weapon designed by the Ussan Sangheili inhabiting The Refuge. The weapon was particularly used by 'Kinsa and his followers. Mec-missilers fire a spear or a razor-sharp bolt made of metal and wood.[1] Each missiler carries up to four bolts.[2] Mec-missilers are not traditional weapons in Ussan floatfighting, as they are too dangerous.[3]


Mec-missilers were used by 'Kinsa and his followers that were infected with Blood Sickness when they rebelled against Bal'Tol 'Xellus and the loyal Ussans.[4] During the floatfight match between the Ussans and 'Kinsa's followers, 'Kinsa used a mec-missiler. When monitor Enduring Bias interrupted the fight, 'Kinsa attempted to destroy him with a mec-missiler. However, the bolt simply reflected off the monitor and shattered into many pieces, and Enduring Bias proceeded to kill the Sangheili.[5] Later, when the Ussans liberated the sections of the Refuge controlled by 'Kinsa's followers, the insurgents attempted to use mec-missilers to fight back. While Enduring Bias disintegrated the bolts with his laser beam, the rebels were killed by Ussans armed with rocket launchers.[6]

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