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This article is about the variant in Halo 4, Halo 2: Anniversary, and Halo 5: Guardians. For the model introduced in Halo 2, see Vostu-pattern carbine.
Mosa-pattern carbine
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Production overview


Iruiru Armory[1]

Model series:






132.2 centimetres (52.0 in)[1][2]


15.2 centimetres (6.0 in)[2]


44.9 centimetres (17.7 in)[2]

Ammunition type:

8.7×60mm caseless reactive rounds[1][2][3]

Feed system:

18-20 round magazine[1][4]



Effective range:


Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War
Post-Covenant War conflicts


The Mosa-pattern Carbine[1] (UNSC Type classification: Type-51 Carbine, T-51 C, and Type-57 Carbine, T-57 C),[2][3] is a successor to the older Vostu-pattern carbine. It saw wide use within Jul 'Mdama's Covenant.[4][5]


Design details[edit]

Manufactured by Iruiru Armory, the design of the Mosa-pattern carbine has its origins among the Sangheili, with a heritage that stretches back to weapons used on Sanghelios millennia ago. As opposed to the older Vostu-pattern carbine, the Mosa-pattern is much more similar to the classic Sangheili design, though incorporating several modern updates.[1] A semi-automatic weapon, the Mosa-pattern carbine fire 8.7 x 60mm caseless reactive rounds,[1][2] a projective laced with radioactive isotopes or reactive materials, making it a unique departure from the Covenant's plasma weapons. The kinetic impact of a carbine round is generally sufficient to neutralize a target, but its ammunition is also capable of poisoning over time, eventually causing a lethal catalytic reaction. The weapon features a 2x magnification holographic optic and generally is seen fielded with a 20-round magazine,[1] though 18-round magazines have also been encountered.[4]


As with the older Vostu-pattern, the Mosa-pattern carbine is commonly employed by scouts and sharpshooters for medium-range engagements. First utilized by the Covenant, the Mosa-pattern carbine has become a highly sought-after prize for the various splinter factions picking through the remains of the dead empire.[1] Both Jul 'Mdama's Covenant and the Banished forces have been seen utilizing the Mosa-pattern in various conflicts.[5][6] The SPARTAN-IVs deployed aboard the UNSC Infinity also used the Mosa-pattern carbine as part of their on-mission loadouts, despite it being of non-UNSC origin.[7]


Type-51 carbine[edit]

Designated by the UNSC as a Type-51 carbine like the Vostu-pattern,[2][Note 1] the Type-51 Mosa-pattern carbine features an 18-round magazine and a purple color scheme with blue or green lights.[4]

Type-57B carbine[edit]

Designated by the UNSC as the Type-57B carbine, this variant of the Mosa-pattern carbine uses a streamlined manufacturing process and reactive materials for projectile coatings. This variant features a 20-round magazine and an indigo color scheme with blue lights. In War Games, it takes 7 rounds to kill a Spartan. It is ranked a Common REQ in Warzone simulations, and is available at Level 2 energy while giving 50 REQ points if sold.[5]

Type-57B variants[edit]

  • Rain of Oblivion: The Rain of Oblivion, whose grip has been held by a thousand heroes and a hundred villains, is an improved Carbine with fully automatic action and increased maximum spare magazine count at the expense of a lower scoped range. The high rate of fire combined with relatively solid damage enable it to mow down a fully shielded spartan in 0.84 seconds. It is ranked an Uncommon REQ in Warzone simulations, and is available at Level 3 energy while giving 75 REQ points if sold.[5]
  • Blood of Suban: The Blood of Suban is an advanced Carbine that fires armor-piercing blamite shards.[5] These powerful explosive blamite needles will kill a Spartan in as little as 5 shots in 0.90 seconds.


Changes from Halo 3's Vostu-pattern carbine to Halo 4[edit]

  • Kills in 7 headshots instead of 8.
  • Many aesthetic changes to the weapon's overall structure, although maintaining the same classic profile. Some notable aesthetic changes include the redesign of the stock to include two holes instead of three, and a purple color scheme instead of magenta.
  • The ammo counter now resembles a radar display. The two circles located on the display have been changed to a single irregular hexagon.
  • When zooming in, the color of the scope turns green instead of having no color like most other scoped weapons.
  • When activating the scope, instead of the honeycomb shape seen in Halo 3, it has been changed to an oblong circular green shape.
  • When inserting a new magazine, a panel flips up to allow access to the receiver, rather than pushing the magazine straight down.[8] This animation is similar to the way the needle rifle is reloaded in Halo: Reach.
  • The reloading of the weapon also requires more user input, with the new magazine having to be forced in manually as opposed to having the top panel flip down automatically upon receiving the new munitions, as was evident in Halo 3. The empty magazine is also ejected with less force and does not fly straight towards the user as before.
  • The weapon's reticle is now a dilated version of the needle rifle's reticle.

Changes from Halo 4 to Halo 2: Anniversary[edit]

  • Retains the Halo 4 model.
  • Lighting on weapon changed from green to light blue.
  • Retains its Halo 2 stats.

Changes from Halo 2: Anniversary to Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

  • Much higher accuracy at longer ranges.
  • Slightly more bloom.
  • Magazine size increased from 18 to 20, also resulting in more reserve ammo to coincide with new magazine size (72 to 80).
  • Lighting on magazine will gradually change color from blue to red as ammunition is depleted, fulfilling a similar function as seen in Halo 2 and Halo 3.
  • Retains the 7-headshot kill of the Halo 4 version of the carbine.
  • The weapon's coloring has been altered to be more similar to that of the Beam Rifle in Halo 4.
  • Players using smart scope with the T-57 carbine now bring up its holoscope instead of a full-screen scope.
    • In addition, the aiming reticle no longer changes between hipfiring and scoped-in firing.


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  1. ^ The Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition) indicates that the Halo 4 and Halo 2: Anniversary carbine is a Mosa-pattern carbine despite the UNSC designating it as a Type-51 carbine like the Vostu-pattern carbine. However, this can be attributed to the UNSC's different classification standards when compared to the Covenant's.