Krith's Left Hand

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Krith's Left Hand
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Production overview


Merchants of Qikost (original weapon)[1][2][3][4]


Particle beam rifle



176 centimeters (69.3 in)[3][5]


26 centimeters (10.1 in)[3][5]


46 centimeters (18.2 in)[3][5]


18.0 kilograms (39.6 lb)[3]

Ammunition type:

Accelerated ionized hydrogen gas[3][2][5][4]


100 battery units (15 bursts/45 shots)[6]


Particle beam weapon


3.5x, 9.5x magnification smart-link targeting sensors[6][4][5]

Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War
Post-Covenant War conflicts


"Reclaimed from the notorious Kig-Yar Pirate King's personal vaults by the previous Arbiter, Ripa 'Moramee. Advanced Beam Rifle that fires a burst of energy with each pull of the trigger."
— In-game description[7]

Krith's Left Hand is a Type-27 Special Application Sniper Rifle that was contained in the Kig-Yar pirate prince Krith's personal vaults before it was reclaimed by Sangheili Ripa 'Moramee.[7][8]


Design details[edit]

Krith's Left Hand is a named variant of the T-27 SASR, modified to fire three-round energy bursts with each pull of the trigger. It uses the Beam Rifle's model but with a predominantly white body color broken up by red stripes and dark purple Covenant glyphs.[6]

Service history[edit]

Krith's Left Hand was originally of Covenant origin, however at some point the Kig-Yar pirate prince Krith claimed the weapon.[Note 1] Krith maintained personal vaults that contained various weapons, where he placed the rifle.[8] Ripa 'Moramee, a Sangheili warlord who served the Ministry of Preservation, reclaimed the weapon from Krith's personal vaults after defeating him sometime before 'Moramee became the Arbiter.[7][8][9]

In late 2558, Krith's Left Hand was integrated into the UNSC Infinity's War Games simulations, where Spartan-IVs trained with the weapon.[6]


Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

Krith's Left Hand is a Legendary 7 energy REQ worth REQ Points 200 when sold. Its operation is identical to that of the Beam Rifle except that it fires powerful three-round bursts with each pull of the trigger. One pull of the trigger is enough to kill a full shield, full health Spartan. In addition, it runs out of battery in 15 bursts (45 shots total). These improvements make Krith's Left Hand devastating against enemy infantry. Conversely, its powerful three-round bursts jeopardize the weapon's accuracy, especially at longer ranges, forcing the player to make full use of both Smart-Link and crouching to ensure at least 90% shot accuracy with the weapon. In addition, the weapon is unsuitable for use against Warzone bosses and vehicles, making even the Twin Jewels of Maethrillian a better choice for bosses and vehicles.

Krith's Left Hand is, all in all, suitable only for anti-infantry roles. While its three-round bursts can easily kill or remove the shields of enemy Spartans, the weapon is burdened by its high REQ requirements (Legendary rarity, Level 7 energy) and low accuracy at higher ranges, thus making weapons like the DMR and Binary Rifle better choices.

The weapon has 100 battery units (45 shots, 15 3-round bursts) which can be operated at 110 bursts per minute. The weapon has a unscopped range of 38.09 m(125.0 ft), 133.35 m (437.5 ft) scoped at 3.5x, and 361.93 m (1187.5 ft) scoped at 9.5x.[10]

Changes from the Type-27 Special Application Sniper Rifle[edit]

  • Fires three-round energy bursts.
  • Holds 45 shots.
  • Slightly lower firing rate: 1 trigger pull / 0.55 seconds vs 1 trigger pull / 0.44 seconds for the normal Beam Rifle.
  • Gives off a larger lens flare when zoomed in.
  • Deals less health damage.



Halo 5: Guardians REQ cards[edit]

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  1. ^ The Halo 5: Guardians REQ description says it was "reclaimed" by Ripa 'Moramee, meaning that it must have been of Covenant origin.


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