Twin Jewels of Maethrillian

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Twin Jewels of Maethrillian
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Production overview


Forerunner origin

Model series:



Special application sniper rifle[1]



190.5 centimeters (75.0 in)[1]


12.6 centimeters (5.0 in)[1]


39.5 centimeters (15.6 in)[1]


16.1 kilograms (35 lb)[1]

Ammunition type:

Ionized particles[1][2]

Feed system:

Two rounds

Rate of fire:

26 RPM[3]

Muzzle velocity:


Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


"A twin missing its sibling. Advanced Binary Rifle modified with dual beam emitters that enhance the rifle's anti-armor utility."
— In-game description[4]

The Twin Jewels of Maethrillian is a special variant of the Z-750 Special Application Sniper Rifle.[5]


Design details[edit]

The Twin Jewels of Maethrillian is a named variant of the Z-750 SASR, upgraded with dual beam emitters that enhance the weapon's anti-armor utility at the expense of a lower firing rate. Named after Maethrillian, the capital of the Forerunner ecumene, and described as a twin "missing its sibling", the Twin Jewels of Maethrillian retains the design and chassis of the standard Binary Rifle, except with the addition of orange and turquoise stripes around the weapon.[4]

Service history[edit]

In October 2558, during the Battle of Genesis, two copies of the Twin Jewels of Maethrillian were found on Genesis. The first one was found in the canyons through which Spartan-II Blue Team passed to reach the Gateway.[6] A second copy was later found in the snow-capped regions of Genesis, particularly near a gravitational core that Fireteam Osiris, with the help of 031 Exuberant Witness, destroyed in their mission to free Blue Team from Cortana's Cryptum.[7] The weapon was later integrated into War Games simulations for use by Spartan-IVs aboard the UNSC Infinity.[5]


Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

The Twin Jewels of Maethrillian is a special weapon that can be found in the campaign missions Reunion and Guardians, making it the only special weapon to appear in more than one mission, excluding the Oathsworn and Nornfang.

The Twin Jewels of Maethrillian appears as a Level 7 Legendary REQ that grants 200 REQ Points when sold. The weapon fires two magenta beams that deal extra damage against armor and have a longer duration than the single beams of lesser Binary Rifle models. This makes it deadly against vehicles and bosses alike, especially the Warden Eternal and Pnap-pattern Goblins; the weapon can destroy a Wraith in two hits if aiming for the back. In addition, it is possible to score multiple kills (2 or 3) in one shot because of this, although this depends on the player's skill with the weapon. Also, it can carry one more magazine than a standard Binary Rifle. It is capable of killing Armiger Officers in one hit, even on Legendary difficulty, so long as both of the beams hit for the entire time; this can be made even easier if the Tilt skull is activated. As with the Retina of the Mind's Eye, the Twin Jewels of Maethrillian has the same overall range as a Binary Rifle: 38.10 m (125.00 ft) in hipfire, 152.40 m (500.00 ft) with 4× zoom, and 342.90 m (1,125.00 ft) with 9× zoom.[3]

However, to mitigate the effects of its improvements, the Twin Jewels of Maethrillian has a 60% lower firing rate, at only 26 RPM, making this weapon even more unforgiving if a player misses a shot. Its ability to score headshots is also now restricted only to side headshots. In addition, it is also a very expensive weapon, being a Legendary Level 7 REQ, and is outclassed by cheaper, more common weapons that can fulfill each of the Twin Jewels of Maethrillian's two purposes, like the Spartan Laser, Endgame, and Selene's Lance that are anti-vehicle weapons available as Rare Level 4, Ultra Rare Level 5, and Legendary Level 5 REQs, respectively; and the normal Binary Rifle and Retina of the Mind's Eye that each function as a powerful sniper weapon available as an Ultra Rare Level 6 REQ.

Changes from the Z-750 Special Application Sniper Rifle[edit]

  • Fires two beams that have stronger anti-armor capabilities and a longer beam duration of one second.
  • Can carry a maximum of 12 total rounds (2 ready + 10 reserve).
  • Much lower rate of fire, at 1 round / 2.308 seconds.
  • Can only score headshots if aiming for the sides of an enemy's head.



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