Torsion driver

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Torsion drivers are a kind of weapon system employed aboard Forerunner warships. Torsion drivers are gravitic emitters (presumably emitting torsion fields) that can be employed as a delicate tool or a crude scalpel as the situation permits; in battle, they use their gravity generation to push and pull portions of enemy craft beyond the limits of their shielding and structural supports with discordant harmonies. This action rips apart the target vessel and exposes its vulnerable systems to concentrated fire by other weapons.[1] A single torsion driver is the main weapon of the Sojourner-class dreadnought[1], while the Mantle's Approach employed forty arrays of these such weapons.[2]

During war, the Didact crafted a weapon known as the stasis tension driver, created out of an array of repurposed torsion drivers paired in concert with quantum singularity generators and an array of projectors to generate localised space-time distortions.[2]


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