Confidence-class weapon array

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Confidence-class weapons on the exterior surface of Installation 05.[Note 1]

Confidence-class weapon arrays[1] (also known as Confidence turrets)[2] are a kind of Forerunner weapon system utilised for the defense of the Halo Array.


Confidence turrets are built into the exterior hull of Halo installations, with at least 97 such weapons being placed on each ring.[2]


During the Battle of Installation 04, the installation's monitor 343 Guilty Spark prepared Confidence-class weapons and locked them onto the approaching Fleet of Particular Justice and UNSC Pillar of Autumn. A transmission sent to the Pillar of Autumn suggested for the vessel to retreat to a minimum safe distance of one light-year, though following a scan of the Autumn and learning of the inhabitants' Reclaimer status, the array was powered down and the ship was permitted to land on Installation 04.[2]


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  1. ^ It was noted in a lore stream that both the Confidence-class weapon array and the Halo's individual slipspace drives can be seen on the exterior surface in this image. However, it was not clarified which elements of the exterior surface are which.