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Edom Terminal/Juridical is a Forerunner Juridical listening post on Mars. This facility's AI is called 4096.[1]


Not long before the firing of the Halo Array in 97,445 BCE, the Domain was unable to be accessed by the facility so a local loop cache for the facility was approved by someone called the Conditor. Shortly afterward there was a containment failure at the Maginot Line. This led to the facility losing connection to ecumene control, ecumene oversight, and quadrant oversight. Star road activity was then reported, leading to the Flood parasite in Mars airspace, giving the facility an estimate two hours before it would be overrun. This led to the local fleet assets being used up, making the Sentinels have to engage the Flood landing crafts en route to Erde-Tyrene. The Flood then held position, leading to confusion. Command authority of the terminal was overridden by the Conditor for help involving the Knights. Connection was then lost to sector oversight. The Array was then fired. Edom control was then recovered from its archive, though its integrity check failed.[1]

As some point there was an intrusion detected in site fractal. Later on, physical intrusion was detected in the facility's archival data center, leading to the facility alerting, but failing to, Builder Security. This led to priority site emergency containment protocols needing approval by Builder authorities. Unauthorized constructs were detected in the archival data center and cyber-intrusion response logged 9204 unauthorized constructs unraveled. The construct spoor was forwarded to Builder Security, after which there was a physical intrusion detected in relay center rho. With relay center rho failing, Builder Security was alerted again. This time, emergency containment protocols were approved by the facility AI and entities translated as [burgarii]. This led to relay center rho self-destructing and becoming offline.[1]

It is then noted in the logs that Builder Security has failed to update the site for an unknown amount of cycles.[1] Rogue processes were then detected in tertiary storage, and a trapdoor related to the facility AI was used.[1]

At some point there were 782 priority maintenance requests awaiting to be done related to the facility, relating to a critical plasma containment failure in secondary storage, the emergency slipstream space transportation conduits being offline, sentinel constructor cradles being inaccessible and sentinel control not responding, and that there was field integrity failure in sublevel nine with there being structural failures reported.[1]

The lack of the plasma containment maintenance in the storage area, led to failure in tertiary storage site alpha with an estimated data loss of 3.2 yottabytes, and failure in tertiary storage area beta with an estimated data loss of 0.6 yottabytes.[1] This lack of maintenance ultimately led to 14819 overdue maintenance requests awaiting action.[1]

On November 18th, 2552 Terminal/Juricidal recorded an anomalous slipspace intrusion in Mars airspace, in fact the Flood-infested High Charity entering slipspace to Installation 00.[2]

On March 3rd 2558 a Catalog unit, after failing to contact the Domain, contacted the terminal. Learning that there was an intrusion in site fractal, it tried to alert Builder Security. Catalog stopped what it was doing to quarantine possible logic plague markers in an incoming message.[2] After clearing the quarantined info, the Catalog unit noted that it could not contact Builder Security about the intruder, while the facility AI reported acceptable conditions. However, the Catalog queued a request for a low-intensive military exploration of the facility. The Catalog unit was then locked out the installation and started a query to get back into it.[3]

After Catalog finished its query it then the facility though node X.E8. It then proceeded to go though the facility's security logs to the present day, which went ignored by the facility AI.[1]

Security logs[edit]

This is a record of the security logs that the Catalog retrieved that the facility recorded.[1]

[WARNING] \\sysdiag\security\log\[apparitor]
[ALERT!] Critical reconciliation errors detected in security logs. [spurious-data/no_ref]
X.E8> [in ordine]
[ALERT!] Critical failure: Unable to access Domain [interlink]. Local loop [cache] approved by [conditor].
[ALERT!] Fleet command alert: Containment failure at [Maginot] line.
[ALERT!] Connection lost to ecumene [control].
[ALERT!] Connection lost to [ecumene oversight].
[ALERT!] Connection lost to [quadrant oversight].
[ALERT!] [star road] loci activity flux reported [ERR,REGRESS] [hours] ago.
[ALERT!] Parasite [classis] detected in Edom [airspace] [ERR,REGRESS] [hours] ago. Estimate position overrun in 2 [hours].
[ALERT!] Local fleet assets expended. Sentinel [fundibalarii] engaging landing craft en-route to Erde-Tyrene.
[ALERT!] Parasite [classis] holding position. Threat dynamic analysis ongoing.
[ALERT!] Override authority granted by [conditor] for [eques] and [auxilia] [suscitatio].
[ALERT!] Connection lost to [sector oversight].
[ALERT!] [slip stream space] activity de^()!(*#&////// <entry corrupted>
[ALERT!] Edom [control] recovered from archive. Integrity check failed.
[ALERT!] Intrusion detected in site [fractal]! Builder Security alerted.
[ALERT!] Physical intrusion detected in archival [datacenter]. Builder Security alerted.
[ALERT!] Builder Security [vigiles] cannot be contacted. [priority site] emergency containment protocols require approval by Builder authorities.
[ALERT!] Unauthorized constructs detected in archival [datacenter]. [cyberintrusion] response logs 9204 unathorized constructs [unravelled]. Construct [spoor] forwarded to Builder Security.
[ALERT!] Physical intrusion detected in relay center [rho]. Builder Security alerted.
[ALERT!] Builder Security [vigiles] cannot be contacted. Emergency containment protocols approved by facility [AI] and [burgarii]. Relay center [rho] self-destruct successful. Relay center [rho] offline.
[ALERT!] Builder Security has failed to [refresh] for [ERR,REGRESS] cycles.
[WARNING] Rogue processes detected in tertiary storage. trapdoor.4096/non-auth
[WARNING] [exemption error] Log errors: [fieri non potest] 
X.E8> break
[WARNING] \\sysdiag\maintenance\log\[apparitor]
[ALERT!] 782 priority maintenance requests awaiting [action].
[ALERT!] Critical [plasma] containment failure in secondary storage imminent.
[ALERT!] Emergency [slip stream space] transportation conduits offline.
[ALERT!] Sentinel Constructor cradles inaccessible.
[ALERT!] Sentinel [control] not responding.
[ALERT!] Field integrity failure in sublevel nine. [vix lumine] structural failures reported.
[WARNING] [plasma] containment failure in tertiary storage site [alpha]. Data loss estimated at 3.2 [YB].
[WARNING] [plasma] containment failure in tertiary storage site [beta]. Data loss estimated at 0.6 [YB].
[WARNING] 14819 overdue maintenance requests awaiting [action].
: [error]