Paradigm's Loom

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Paradigm's Loom unravelling matter.
Paradigm's Loom unravels the matter of several captured worlds.

Paradigm's Loom was an enormous and highly advanced megastructure constructed and operated by the Miner rate of the Forerunners, located on the outermost peripheries of the Ecumene's borders.

The loom was used throughout the High Ecumene era long before the Forerunner-Flood war as a base from which the Miners wished to learn the secrets of the Precursors. The Miners guided their Manipulars to search the stars and the exotic depths of slipstream space to find worlds and stellar masses that possessed a prescribed set of signature traces, which were then (at great cost) secretly brought to Paradigm's Loom for deconstruction and analysis. The results of these explorations are unknown.[1]