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This article is about the location on Installation 07. For the Halo Infinite campaign mission, see Conservatory.
The Conservatory as seen from the exterior.

"I am Despondent Pyre, Monitor of this Installation and this is my Conservatory. My Conservatory."
Despondent Pyre speaking to John-117 and the Weapon in the Conservatory during the Battle for Zeta Halo.[1]

The Conservatory is a location which the Banished and the Harbinger forced entry into in order to confront the Monitor of Installation 07, in May, 2560.[1]


The Conservatory is a centralized hub location that functions as the home of a Halo Ring's Monitor or adjutant executors. Within the Conservatory, the Monitor can interface directly with the Ring's network infrastructure, file reports, carry out a wide variety of restorative reconnaissance protocols, and dispatch messages to other sites. Maintenance cradles provide the opportunity for repair and modification depending on situational needs or personality directives.[2]


After carrying out the Grand Edict's orders to imprison the Xalanyn on Zeta Halo, Despondent Pyre, the Ring's Monitor, eventually became so overwhelmed with the shame of her actions, she ceased communicating with her fellow Monitors on the other Rings and sealed herself inside Zeta Halo's Conservatory.[3]

Many years later, on December 13, 2559, when Cortana sacrificed herself to destroy the Silent Auditorium and deny Atriox control of Zeta Halo, a large section of the Ring broke off, taking with it several key Forerunner facilities including the Conservatory.[4]

Following the apparent demise of Atriox, his second-in-command and old mentor, War Chief Escharum, assumed his place as leader of the Banished and set out to fulfill Atriox's goal of seizing control of the Ring. As part of this plan, Escharum located and freed the Harbinger from her Cylix.[5][6] The Harbinger agreed to help the Banished take control of the Ring in exchange for their help in locating and freeing her people, the Endless, who had been imprisoned by the remaining Forerunners due to the former having inexplicably survived the Halo array's firing.[7][8] In order to achieve both objectives, the Silent Auditorium had to be repaired first - a process known as the Reformation. Only Despondent Pyre had the ability to initiate the Reformation, so Escharum ordered the establishment of Site Novem for the purposes of circumventing the Conservatory's defenses, breaching the facility, and ultimately capturing the Monitor.[9]

By May 15, 2560, the Banished had breached the Conservatory using a mining laser enhanced by the Harbinger herself.[10] Surviving Spartan IVs Theodore Sorel and Vedrana Makovich followed the Banished into the Conservatory but were ambushed by Sangheili Blademaster Jega 'Rdomnai.[11] 'Rdomnai killed Makovich and wounded Sorel, and a short time later, the Jiralhanae Spartan Killers Hyperius and Tovarus finished off Sorel.[12]

On May 28, 2560, Master Chief John-117 and the Weapon, acting on information given to him by the late Hudson Griffin, entered the Conservatory through the entrance made at Site Novem. Despondent Pyre contacted them and requested their aid, but before she could explain exactly what was going on, the Harbinger's Skimmers abducted her. The Chief fought his way to the central chamber of the Conservatory, but arrived too late to stop the Harbinger from killing the Monitor and extracting her encephalon. The Chief fought his way back to the surface and confronted the Harbinger at the Conservatory's main entrance. The Harbinger used the Forerunner routines in the Monitor's encephalon to summon dozens of Reformation Spires. She then blasted the Chief out of the Conservatory and escaped to the Command Spire. The Conservatory's main entrance then sealed itself shut.[4][13]


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