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Theodore Sorel
Sorel as he appears in the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition).
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August 2, 2527[1]


May 15, 2560[2]

Cause of death:

Killed by Tovarus and Hyperius[3]

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211 centimeters (6 ft 11 in)[1]


122 kilograms (270 lb)[1]

Political and military information


Spartan Operations


Theodore "Theo" Sorel was a SPARTAN-IV supersoldier in the United Nations Space Command. He was a special weapons expert.[2]


Early life[edit]

Born on Forseti on August 2, 2527, Sorel was raised largely insulated from the horrors of war, instead excelling in music in his younger years. As early successes began to expose him to a wider audience, and the realities that most other UEG citizens were faced with, Sorel decided to completely change the course of his life. A successful military career culminated in an invitation to the SPARTAN-IV program.[4]

Installation 07[edit]

Main article: Battle for Zeta Halo

On December 12, 2559, Spartan Theodore Sorel was onboard UNSC Infinity when it was ambushed by Banished forces upon arrival at Installation 07. As the Infinity fell to the Banished assault, Sorel was leading marines, including Private Chamberlain and Private First Class Miyazaki in repelling Banished boarders. Upon hearing Captain Thomas Lasky’s orders to evacuate, Sorel led the marines to the hangar bay for evacuation.[5]

Sorel and his marines made landfall on the surface of Installation 07, but their aircraft Oscar 128 was downed in Banished-occupied territory. Having lost uplink to UNSC command, Sorel and the marines were forced to hold their position after being spotted by Banished forces.[6] On the next day, Sorel and his marines witnessed an explosion causing the ring to fracture.[7] Two weeks later, on December 28, Sorel went on a recon sweep and observed the ring repairing itself, and returned to Miyazaki, stating that they were to continue sabotaging Banished operation on the ring.[8]

Sorel eventually rendezvoused with other UNSC forces at the wreckage of the UNSC Mortal Reverie, which had been found by Spartan Vedrana Makovich and designated as a UNSC base of operations.[9] He participated in the defense of Reverie, stationed at its secondary barricade with Makovich, when the crash site came under Banished assault on January 31, 2560,[10] and presumably retreated with the rest of the UNSC forces on February 2.[11]

By March 3, 2560, Sorel had regrouped with Spartans Vedrana Makovich, Bertold Vettel, and a few dozen marines. They decided to enact the Rubicon Protocol: stop or slow the Banished by any means necessary and keep Zeta Halo out of their control.[12] Sorel and Makovich found a crashed UNSC comms satellite and rigged it to broadcast a location ping by cycling through a digital signal chain; they used the satellite sparingly to leave debriefs at the location to reconnect with others, such as Spartan Bonita Stone.[13] On April 24, after being told of increased Banished activity near the Reverie by Spartan Stone,[14] Sorel and Makovich observed Site Novem, a Banished excavation site south of the UNSC Mortal Reverie's crash site.[15] The two correctly deduced that Banished War Chief Escharum was searching for the Monitor of the installation, 117649 Despondent Pyre, and spent the next few weeks stalling the Banished's excavation efforts.[15]

When the Banished's excavation was completed on May 15, Sorel and Makovich infiltrated the Conservatory.[16] Inside, the two were ambushed by the Sangheili Jega 'Rdomnai, with Sorel being wounded by 'Rdomnai's surprise attack. Makovich urged Sorel to run ahead to locate the monitor, while she would fend off 'Rdomnai.[17] Makovich died in the following duel against the Sangheili,[2] while Sorel made a last stand deeper inside the facility, having killed multiple Banished troops before being killed by the Jiralhanae brothers Tovarus and Hyperius.[3] Sorel's body remained inside the Conservatory and was found on May 28 by Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, who recovered his thruster pack module.[2]


During the Battle for Zeta Halo, Spartan Sorel wore the Mjolnir GEN3 Mark VII armor, employing the ISR helmet, UA/Agathius shoulder pads, and UA/Type SA knee pads. He carried a thruster module, which was inherited by John-117.[2]

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