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A Thruster or Thruster Module is a piece of equipment that can be integrated into the GEN3 MJOLNIR armor. It allows the user to perform rapid maneuvers.

Operational History[edit]

While searching the Conservatory on Installation 07, John-117 retrieved a thruster module from the body of Spartan Theodore Sorel.[1]


Halo Infinite campaign[edit]

The Thruster module becomes available in the campaign after the player retrieves it from Spartan Sorel's body during the main campaign mission Conservatory. The Thruster module can be upgraded by expending Spartan cores (equipment points) collected during the campaign.


  • Afterburner (costs 1 Spartan core) - Adds a second charge to your Thruster.
  • Thermal Control (costs 2 Spartan cores) - Reduces Thruster cooldown by 20%.
  • Impulse (costs 3 Spartan cores) - Adds significant power to the Thruster, allowing further and faster travel.
  • Escape Velocity (costs 3 Spartan cores) - Adds a personal cloak effect to the Thruster, lasting four seconds after activation.


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