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A seeker drone in flight.

"Elites can dodge just about anything you shoot their way. Luckily, seeker drones don't care much for gymnastics."
— Private Jamie O'Neal

The TQ-8 seeker drone is an explosive homing drone in service with the United Nations Space Command.[1][2][3]



The TQ-8 seeker drone is used as an armor plug-in by Spartan supersoldiers equipped with GEN2 MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. A small device, the drone consists of a center fuselage flanked by a pair of turbines that provide it with lift.[1] Within the fuselage is a lightweight but high-yield explosive charge.[2][3] Its status—active or inactive—is denoted by a light on its forward cowling.[1]

The drone can operate autonomously or controlled by a Spartan after their MJOLNIR is fully synced with the device.[1][2][3] In its autonomous mode, the drone will toward any nearby targets and attempt to self-destruct. If no enemies are found after being activated, it self-destructs after six seconds.[1] A Spartan's GEN2 MJOLNIR is capable of controlling several TQ-8 seeker drones in a "flock" mode.[2][3]


TQ-8 seeker drones saw use with Fireteam Shadow during the Requiem Campaign. On February 14, 2558, Fireteam Shadow was assigned a mission to destroy a Covenant summit site in close proximity to a Forerunner facility known as The Refuge. Their plan called for Spartan Jason Kidman to use a flock of seeker drones to blow down the summit's exterior doors so that the team could destroy it from the inside. However, before their plan was enacted, Spartan Jared Miller redirected the fireteam to assist Fireteam Crimson.[2][3]


The seeker drone is an armor ability in Halo: Spartan Strike. Its recharge time is six seconds.

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