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Threat Seeker
The Threat Seeker.
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Order of Harmony[1]



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Post-Covenant War conflicts


The Threat Seeker is a piece of equipment developed by the Banished's Order of Harmony. When deployed, the Threat Seeker emits a brief pulse, revealing the locations of nearby enemies within line of sight of the device.[1][2][3]


Design details[edit]

The Threat Seeker is a small, vaguely-spherical device encased in red painted metal. The device is fired from a handheld launcher in a similar manner to the Threat Sensor and Shroud Screen. Upon deployment, the Threat Seeker will impact on a surface, bouncing at least once before activating shortly after. When it activates, the device detonates and emits a single pulse which highlights nearby enemies on the heads-up display of the user, in a manner much like that of the Threat Sensor. The enemies must be within line of sight of the Threat Seeker to be revealed.[2][3][4]

Development history[edit]

Threat Seekers were developed by the Order of Harmony, a human group within the Banished, based on captured United Nations Space Command-built Threat Sensors. The Order have prioritised the construction of Threat Seekers to put their troops on an equal playing field with the alien species of the Banished; while Jiralhanae and Kig-Yar have heightened senses that make them efficient hunters, the Order use Threat Seekers for a similar function. The Seeker's design is intended to startle enemy forces and elicit a reaction similar to that of a thrown fragmentation grenade.[1]


Halo Infinite[edit]

The Threat Seeker is a piece of equipment in Halo Infinite released in Season 04: Infection. Like the Threat Sensor and Shroud Screen, the Threat Seeker can be fired across considerable distances and will activate after bouncing off of at least one surface,[2][4] rewarding skilled players for clever shots.[3] Upon activation, the device emits a pulse that highlights enemy players within its radius for the duration of a player's shield recharge timer, provided that they are within line of sight of the Threat Seeker. The highlighted enemy players will be revealed for all nearby members of the user's team.[2][3]

Production notes[edit]

It is clear to see the overlap between the Threat Seeker and the Threat Sensor; the Seeker was conceived as a version of the Sensor that is more balanced for competitive gameplay, such as in Ranked modes and in the Halo Championship Series.[2] To differentiate the two equipment further, the Threat Sensor received several changes with the release of Season 04: Infection. These accentuate its usefulness as a location-based marking equipment, increasing its duration, rate of pulses, and effective radius, while decreasing the time in which players remain revealed.[3]


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