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Production overview





20.1 kilograms (44.3 pounds)[1]


Single use (15 seconds)

Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War
Great Schism


The regenerator is a piece of equipment used in Halo 3.[2] In terms of function, it may be related to the sterile field generator. It is the counterpart to another piece of equipment, the power drain.


The regenerator is similar in design to the bubble shield, although instead of projecting a shield, it emits a green field of energy which restores a player's shield as well as those of anybody near the player, including enemies, for fifteen seconds. There is, however, a small delay before beginning the recharge, which means the player is still vulnerable. Although players may be healed quickly and have a better chance at surviving a one-on-one battle, players can still be killed with a headshot (with a sniper rifle) or at close range with a shotgun.


Oddly, the regenerator's manufacturer is never explicitly stated. It has been seen used by both Covenant and UNSC forces in the later battles of the Human-Covenant War. Given its similar design to the bubble shield (which may be of Forerunner origin), it may be a Forerunner device that was found and used by the Covenant and the UNSC.


Main-Legendary.png See our gameplay information related to Regenerator in its gameplay page
  • Regenerators have magnetic abilities on Narrows' man cannons, so if a person jumps on one, and another player on the other side throws a regenerator onto their man cannon, the player's movement will be reversed and he will land back were he came from.
  • Brutes have a tendency to throw out regenerators to help repair their power armor. They also throw regenerators out to protect their Chieftains. This can be particularly infuriating on higher difficulties.
  • If you stand near a regenerator, you will hear a pulsating sound.
  • In Forge, if you change the respawn rate of the regenerator to instant respawn, and if you keep deploying them, you will get practically unlimited health.
  • The regenerator does not make you invincible, it just makes you more difficult to kill. You can still be killed by one-hit kill weapons (rocket launcher, Spartan Laser, plasma grenades, sniper rifles, etc.), assassinations, quick melees, and being overwhelmed by automatic or battle rifle fire. The regenerator does not begin to regenerate shields immediately after deployment, giving your opponent a small window of opportunity to kill you if your shields are still low.
  • The top green part of the regenerator spins 360 degrees constantly.
  • If you stick a spike grenade to the top green part of a regenerator, it will spin around with it before exploding.
  • It should be noted that the regenerator only speeds up the shield recharge time, and not the health recharge time.
  • Players can sustain two or even three melees while within the healing effect of the regenerator.
  • Four standard melee strikes to the base unit of a regenerator will destroy it.
  • When playing on maps or areas with low levels of light, the regenerator can occasionally obscure your vision, leaving you open to enemy attacks.
  • If you continuously shoot a player standing in the regenerator's field with a weak weapon like the magnum, you can occasionally hear the Spartans or Elites yelling in pain, even though the projectiles are only hitting their shields.
  • If you throw a regenerator and a power drain together, your shields will drop, even if the regenerator is closer.
  • Due to the similar design and purpose, along with the regenerator's possible Forerunner origins, it may be related to the Forerunner Spire of Healing.


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