M2705 regeneration field

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M2705 Regenerative Kinetic Dispersal Field
Production overview


Acheron Security[1]


Armor plug-in



4.5 centimeters (1.8 in)[1]


33.5 centimeters (13.2 in)[1]


10.2 centimeters (4.0 in)[1]

Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


The M2705 Regenerative Kinetic Dispersal Field (M2705 RKDF), also known as Regeneration Field, is a piece of UNSC equipment developed by Acheron Security.[2] It is utilized by the SPARTAN-IVs on board the UNSC Infinity.

The origin of the technology that allows the Regeneration Field to do this is heavily classified, per ONI-authored contractor obligation clauses.[1]


The Regeneration Field is available as an armor ability in Halo 4. When activated, the Spartan thrusts their chest out to produce a spherical field of green energy, which rapidly restores the shields of anyone in its radius. The field lasts for ten seconds before disappearing. Unlike the drop shield and bubble shield, the Regeneration Field does not block projectiles from entering in and out of the area, though it does have a brief deflecting effect in the second that it is activated. During that first second, the expanding field pushes away large objects from the Spartan, including vehicles, ammo boxes, and rockets.

While inside the field, vision is blurry and sounds are distorted. This may have an adverse effect on the player's aim, and thus encourages them to exit the field once their shields are full, unlike the Drop and Bubble Shield, which encouraged players to hide inside.

The Regeneration Field reappears in Halo: Spartan Assault, where it functions essentially identical to how it did in Halo 4. The field lasts for seven seconds in the game, and unlike its Halo 4 brethren, can heal friendly NPCs who enter it.[3]


  • Regeneration Field serves a similar purpose as the Regenerator equipment in Halo 3. The sound within the field is similar as well, minus the pulsing heartbeat.
  • Its armor-mounted unit shares design features with the Autosentry and Promethean Vision, making it possible that it is derived from Forerunner technology, a possibility more than suggested by the Forerunner's impressive grasp of medical technology.


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