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Drop wall
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The drop wall is a piece of equipment similar in operation to the deployable cover and drop shield. When deployed, the drop wall projects a large energy shield which protects its user from enemy fire in combat, while still permitting the user to shoot through it.[1]

Operational History[edit]

While searching the Conservatory on Installation 07, John-117 retrieved a drop wall module from the body of Spartan Vedrana Makovich.[2]


Halo Infinite[edit]

The drop wall is a usable piece of equipment in Halo Infinite. It can be deployed in combat to provide the player with a temporary shelter from enemy gunfire, and is capable of stopping both gunfire and grenades. Additionally, the player is still able to shoot through the deployed drop wall, at their enemies. However, it degrades easily under damage, so the respite it provides is temporary.[1] Each section of the energy shield can only withstand a certain amount of damage from the outside before that section fails. Multiple sections can fail without the entire drop wall shutting down.[3]


The drop wall can be upgraded by collecting and spending Spartan cores.

  • Swift Shelter (1 SC) - Reduces Drop Wall cooldown by 20%.
  • Rampart (2 SC) - Increases Drop Wall strength by 35%.
  • Blockade (3 SC) - Increases Drop Wall strength by 70% and increases wall size.
  • Direct Current (3 SC) - Adds shock damage to any projectiles fired through the Drop Wall.

Production notes[edit]

The drop wall underwent a redesign between the Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay Premiere in July 2020 and the A New Generation trailer in June 2021. The shape of the energy shield was changed from a simple curved wall to be more concave with less sharp outer angles.[1][3]


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