Z-90 hardlight shield

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Z-90 Photonic Coalescence Emitter/Aegis
Production overview





Apparatus: 1.5 in (3.9 cm)
Shield: 29.8 in (75.5 cm)


Apparatus: 13.5 in (34.3 cm)
Shield: 79.3 in (201.3 cm)


Apparatus: 5.6 in (14.3 cm)
Shield: 103.5 in (263.2 cm)

Barrier material:

Hard light

Service history

In service:


The hardlight shield (UNSC Z-classification: Z-90 Photonic Coalescence Emitter/Aegis, Z-90 PCE/A)[1] is a Forerunner anti-personnel shielding system. Like other examples of hard light technology, it works by using a photon emitter to fuse light particles into a dissipative barrier.[1]

Hardlight shields are frequently employed by the ground forces of the mechanical Prometheans, with Watchers providing different types of shield for Knight and Crawlers in combat, and Armiger Soldiers using them on their own. This technology has been adapted for use with the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor, allowing Spartans to use the shield to protect themselves from incoming fire. While using the Hardlight Shield, a Spartan is unable to use weapons, and the MJOLNIR's energy shields are prevented from recharging until the Hardlight Shield dissipates.


  • The designation "Aegis" is likely a reference to the Aegis, a shield carried by several divine figures in Greek mythology.
  • The hardlight shield is very similar in practice to the Kig-Yar point defense gauntlet. However, Kig-Yar shields are made of shaped plasma, as the Covenant never properly reverse-engineered hardlight technology.
  • The in-game armor ability can be effectively angled to return an opponent's shot (everything from small arms fire to grenades, rockets, and even tank rounds) to him/her. This is difficult to pull off however, as the shield must be activated at exactly the right time and at the right angle.


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