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The Z- or Zeta-classifications are a system of classification employed by the United Nations Space Command for cataloguing Forerunner technology and materiel.[1] The system serves as a counterpart to the UNSC's type classification system used for cataloguing Covenant technology. The Forerunners have no known system for cataloguing their own technology.


The cataloguing system used by UNSC analysts for Forerunner technology sees a given item designated with a Z-, followed by a numerical string. Known strings range from low double digits to quadruple digits, with no apparent indication the numbers employed have any particular inherent meaning (unlike, for example, the Type-designation system's correspondence with the year of cataloguing). Z-classifications are given to a wide array of technology ranging from infantry weapons to Sentinels to even spacecraft.

Some challenges are inherent in the Z-classification system, due to the esoteric nature of Forerunner technology. Forerunner equipment utilises smartmatter, grapplers, hard light, and other associated nanotechnology to operate - as such, their equipment can change form and operating function with relative ease - making classification difficult as what is ostensibly the same weapon could appear with completely distinct operating functions in different circumstances. In most cases, the UNSC seems to class all of these distinct operating functions as one Z-classification (as in the case of the LightRifle, Boltshot, Suppressor and other infantry firearms that underwent a rapid evolution following the awakening of the Prometheans between 2557 and 2558.

A notable exception exists in the form of the Z-040 pulse grenade and Z-400 splinter grenades; in function, both grenades are one device with multiple programmable settings. However, both have recieved separate UNSC designations.[2]

Z classifications[edit]





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