Z-510 focus turret

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Z-510 focus turret
Production overview




Defensive weapon emplacement
Directed energy focus weapon



3.5 meters (11 ft)


1.5 meters (4.9 ft)


3.5 meters (11 ft)

Ammunition type:

Ionized particles

Feed system:


Rate of fire:


Effective range:


Service history

In service:

Forerunner-Flood war
Post-Covenant War conflicts


The Z-510 Directed Energy Focus Weapon (Z-510 DEFW), alternatively known as focus turret,[1] beam cannon,[2] or beam turret,[3] is a Forerunner directed energy weapon emplacement.


The Z-510 beam turrets are turrets of a similar nature to those located on Shield World 0459, but smaller in scale. They are typically constructed by Watchers and possess a deadly, long range beam weapon, akin to a Sentinel Beam. When destroyed, Forerunner beam turrets disintegrate in a manner resembling that of Promethean Knights.[4]

By October 2558, Focus Turrets had become larger but less common. If shot in their core while they are charging their weapon, the turret will take extra damage and be destroyed faster.[5]

Operational history[edit]

During the Battle of Draetheus V, Merg Vol's Covenant managed to use some of these turrets against UNSC forces.[6]

In July 2557, John-117, and later the crew of the UNSC Infinity, faced several such turrets inside the shield world Requiem. Later, a number of these turrets were hacked by Cortana on the Mantle's Approach during the Didact's attack on Earth, during which time they took on a blue light, like those of the Sentinels on Requiem, as opposed to the characteristic orange coloration of those under the Didact's control. The turrets temporarily repelled waves of Crawlers to help John-117 on his way to destroy the Composer.[7]

In that same month, many beam turrets were used against UNSC forces during the Battle of Installation 03.[8]

When the Infinity returned to Requiem in 2558, several beam turrets were again used against UNSC forces. Fireteam Crimson faced numerous turrets during their missions. At some point, the Spartan-IVs were able to turn the turrets of the location "Control" into allies to help repel members of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant.[9] Later, when the Spartans searched for Dr. Halsey's signal at Cyclone, the Librarian provided them support with some allied beam turrets along with Aggressor Sentinels.[10]

After Cortana took over the Promethean forces, focus turrets took on a modified design. Larger anti-vehicle turrets were encountered on Meridian by Fireteam Osiris, being more heavily armed but rarer overall.[11] The Warden Eternal would also use focus turrets as support in his engagements against Osiris and Blue Team on Genesis.[12] Later, Osiris encountered more focus turrets in their mission to free Blue Team from Cortana.[13] In Warzone simulations, like those on March on Stormbreak, should the Warden Eternal be encountered as a Mythic boss, he may also spawn focus turrets against the two Spartan teams who are competing against each other for victory in the simulation.


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