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Views of a Durance used to contain a Promethean Knight's essence, in its external container and unlocked Durance shell.

A Durance is a Forerunner device designed to contain the extracted memories and personality impressions of an individual.[1]

Durances were a key element of Forerunner funeral proceedings. Upon the death of a Forerunner, their last memories and mental patterns were stored inside a time-locked Durance. The Durance and a bit of plasma from the immolation of the body were then presented to the closest family members of the deceased. Durances had a half-life of a million years. Their resting places were closely guarded by the family, such that the violation of a Durance was considered sacrilege.[1]

The Promethean Knights' essences are also contained in a form of Durance, one of which, named by the Covenant as the "Didact's Gift", was recovered and studied by the UNSC during the Second Battle of Requiem.[2]

On X50, the artificial moon of Draetheus V, an unspecified type of sublimation device immolated Spartan Edward Davis' body and placed the remains, along with his last impressions, into a Durance.[3][note 1]


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  1. ^ While it is never identified as a Durance in-game, the device housing the remains of Davis' consciousness is a Durance by definition, as the term encompasses any "imprint matrix" used to contain an extracted essence. The immolation of Davis' body further suggests that the transfer of his impressions may have been part of an automated version of a traditional Forerunner funerary ritual.


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