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An observation pane is a Forerunner device that can project images upon a hard light surface.

Design and operation[edit]

Taking the form of a pair of helical tongs raising from a crescent base, the observation pane projected a silvery pane of hard light-technically a boson-photon field- upon which images could be projected once it was activated.

On December 12, 2553, Lieutenant Bartalan Craddog brought a recovered observation pane to the captured archeon-class ancilla Intrepid Eye aboard the Argent Moon in hopes that she could identify it. In response, Intrepid Eye had Craddog activate the observation pane and interfaced with the device before ordering Craddog to give her access to Argent Moon's communications array. When Cradogg refused, Intrepid Eye used the observation pane to display images captured by one of her remote aspects of Cradogg having sexual intercourse with lesser officers, breaking the rules against fraternization. Intrepid Eye threatened to release the images as a form of blackmail unless he complied which he reluctantly agreed to do. When Craddog left, Intrepid Eye had him take the observation pane with him.[1]

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