Modular Dispersal Technology

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A conceptual image of an assault carrier's two main sections.

Modular Dispersal Technology or "MDT" is the UNSC-given name for the Forerunner-derived Covenant technology relating to the detachment of modular starship sections while in a vacuum.[1]


The technology was first used by the Forerunners during the Forerunner-Flood war against the Flood to break off infected sections of ships while allowing the rest of the ship to continue operating.[1]

The Modular Dispersal Technology is equipped on certain Covenant warships. It is used by them to detach damaged, non-critical sections of a ship rather than return to a repair center, or to disperse a part of the ship which could leave any hostiles stranded in space. To do this the ship must detonate charges that would break off that part of the ship. Due to the modular design of Covenant ships, a ship would be able to function even with a large amount of its major sections detached. Afterward, a ship could be easily reassembled at a repair facility.

The technology is also consistent with the Covenant's overall design philosophy, which usually involves many modular and redundant components instead of a centralized design.[1]


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