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Seeker was a term applied to a variety of small Forerunner spacecraft, ranging from shuttlecraft-type transports to fully weaponized swift attack craft.

Builder Security used a type of Seeker fighting suit functionally similar but more advanced than the war sphinxes used by the Warrior-Servants during the human-Forerunner wars. These Seekers were longer and more streamlined than the Didact's war sphinxes, and were equipped with more powerful weapons, movement and defensive capabilities. They lacked the "face" that adorned the command cabin of a war sphinx.[1]

During the Librarian's expedition to Path Kethona, the crew of Audacity used two lightly-armed Seeker excursion craft to carry out a groundside mission.[2] The Lifeworkers routinely used Seeker transports while indexing the lifeforms of the galaxy during the Conservation Measure, including the operations on Erde-Tyrene.[3]

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