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Slipspace field pods are an advanced form of stasis chamber created by the Forerunners, essentially their equivalent of the UNSC's cryotubes. Instead of cryonically freezing the occupant, they encase the user inside of a compressed slipspace field, which removes them from being harmed by events in "normal" space and causes time to pass at a much slower rate for the occupant. A number of these pods were discovered on Onyx, where they were used to store the members of Team Katana.[1]


Forerunner slipspace pods generate a time-locked slipspace field in which the occupant is suspended, making them safe from nearly everything. They are visible via an afterimage seen within the pod, essentially a snapshot of the moment they "left" normal spacetime. Although the occupants are not located in real space, the physical casing of the pod allows them to be moved. Despite containing slipspace fields themselves, the pods can also be moved via slipspace transit, such as a teleportation grid. However, if placed on a translocation pedestal, a pod will effectively block transit through the teleporter. If a person comes too close to the pod they will develop nausea, and a feeling of light-headedness due to exposure of an unshielded slipspace field.[1]

On the sides of the pods there are Forerunner icons which Dr. Catherine Halsey translated into "That which must be protected...behind the sharpened edge of the shield...beyond the reach of the swords...for the reclaimed". However, Dr. Halsey noted that her translation was off, and agreed with Ash-G099 when he suggested that is was instead "Reclaimers", when he brought up about his encounter with an Onyx Sentinel. This was not the first time the word has been misinterpreted this way, as the same mistake was made by the Covenant late in their history, in which the "Oracle" residing within the Forerunner Dreadnought noted and corrected as "Reclaimers".[1]

Team Katana of SPARTAN-III Gamma Company were placed in slipspace field pods by a number of Huragok on Onyx after being gravely wounded, supposedly by the Sentinels.[2] They were taken by the other human survivors of the Onyx Conflict into the shield world.[1] After the survivors were rescued, UNSC medical teams began an effort to open the pods and treat Katana's injuries.[3]

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