Eridanus Secundus

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Eridanus Secundus
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Eridanus system





2 kilometers (1.2 mi) (approx.)[1]


0.75 G[2]







United Rebel Front


Eridanus Secundus is an asteroid in the Eridanus system's asteroid belt and a major Insurrectionist base.[3] The asteroid facility was led by Colonel Robert Watts, and, later, Governor Jacob Jiles.[4]


Early history[edit]

It became the stronghold of the Eridanus rebels after their insurrection was put down during Operation: TREBUCHET in 2513. After overthrowing the Eridanus Government, Colonel Robert Watts was presumed killed in the UNSC's counterattack operation, but in fact he escaped to Eridanus Secundus in the system's asteroid belt with the rest of the rebels.[5] It was the center of all activity for the rebels in the system and many pirates were operating from the asteroid.[6]

SPARTAN-II assault[edit]

Blue Team storming Watts' apartment.
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After the Office of Naval Intelligence discovered the asteroid base, a team of Spartan-IIs were sent to the asteroid to capture Colonel Robert Watts, consisting of John-117, Kelly-087, Frederic-104, Linda-058, and Samuel-034, on September 14, 2525.[7] The Spartans hid in the reservoir storage tank of the Laden, a freighter that transported supplies to the asteroid from Eridanus II.[8] When the freighter docked with Eridanus Secundus, the Spartans, disguised as construction workers for the asteroid, made their way to Watts' apartment.[9] The Spartans stormed Watts' apartment and killed his insurgent bodyguards with ease. Although John was injured during the firefight, he attacked Watts and choked the Insurrectionist leader into unconsciousness.[10] Blue Team put Watts in a crate and made their way back to Eridanus Secundus' docking bay. The Spartans left a homing beacon on Eridanus Secundus so the UNSC could deal with the insurgents later. Sam put C-12 explosives on the asteroid's main bay doors and the Spartans fled in a stolen Pelican with Watts, as the doors blew and the hangar bay decompressed. As the Pelican left the asteroid, Eridanus Secundus began to vent atmosphere and rotate erratically.[11]

Overtime, the insurgents repaired Eridanus Secundus. Although the homing beacon was left on the asteroid, the UNSC never returned to it due to the outbreak of the Human-Covenant War shortly after the raid had occurred. When the Covenant arrived in the Eridanus system in 2530, the Eridanus rebels remained silent and hidden on the asteroid as the Covenant glassed Eridanus II.[12]

Massacre at Eridanus Secundus[edit]

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Following the Raid on Reach in September 7, 2552, the Spartans and Admiral Danforth Whitcomb visited the facility aboard the Gettysburg-Ascendant Justice for repairs before returning to Earth. John-117 was able to use his previous visit to the asteroid to guide the ship to it with the help of Cortana. Whitcomb contacted Eridanus Secundus' new leader, Governor Jacob Jiles, as the asteroid's small fleet surrounded the UNSC vessel.[4] Originally Jiles refused to cooperate, but when the UNSC destroyed an asteroid that was three kilometers in diameter with ease as a warning, Jiles reluctantly allowed them to dock.[13] The Covenant followed them to the Eridanus system and began attacking the facility. When a Covenant cruiser arrived at the asteroid, the Gettysburg-Ascendant Justice managed to destroy it, but the hybrid vessel was further damaged. Jiles had his fleet tow the Gettysburg-Ascendant Justice back to Eridanus Secundus for repairs.[14] As the rebels repaired the vessel, Doctor Catherine Halsey and the sedated Kelly-087 left the system in Jiles' Chiroptera-class subprowler, Beatrice, so she could complete her own mission to save her Spartans.[15]

Shortly after, a fleet of thirty Covenant vessels had entered the system. Whitcomb, feeling his duty was to Earth, not the rebels, ordered an immediate retreat to slipspace.[16] This asteroid, along with all the rebels, were presumed destroyed by the Covenant after the Gettysburg-Ascendant Justice jumped out of the system. Tartarus later had a fleet search around Eridanus Secundus for remains of the Forerunner crystal.[17]


Eridanus Secundus was one of the larger asteroids in the Eridanus asteroid belt, at approximately two kilometers in diameter.[1] The asteroid's composition was mostly ferric oxide and it was outfitted with Titanium-A battleplate and other alloys that would deflect both UNSC radar and Covenant sensors.[18] A hangar on the asteroid contained Eridanus Secundus' fleet of fifty modified craft, including Pelicans with increased armor and chainguns, luxury vessels with missiles, single-manned engineering pods with arc cutters, and a Chiroptera-class subprowler. A hundred improvised civilian craft served to accommodate the navy surrounding the base.[4] The asteroid rotated fast enough to generate a three-quarter gravity internal environment.[2]

It was effectively a hollowed-out rock that was fitted on the inside with improvised corridors and facilities from salvaged vessels.[19] In the center of the asteroid was a city, complete with skyscrapers and other large buildings with streets. There were apartments, factories, and even a hospital. The interior held many similarities to a large canyon. A tram system ran through the city. Colonel Robert Watts resided in a twelve-story apartment complex in the city.[9] The asteroid also had a hydroponics facility where the inhabitants grew their food.[20] In addition, several decoy radiation emitters were in place around the asteroid that caused outsiders to believe the rebels had nuclear weapons around the facility.[21]


Secundus is Latin for "second," although it can also translate to "lucky" or "favorable."


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