Team Katana

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Team Katana


2552 - Disabled by November, 2552


United Nations Space Command





Onyx Conflict


Team Katana was a five-man SPARTAN-III fireteam of Gamma Company.[1]

During the onset of the Onyx Conflict in late 2552, they were competing with Team Saber and Team Gladius for top honors.[1] Soon after, the team ventured into Zone 67 and were gravely wounded under unknown circumstances. They were discovered by Huragok tending to the facility and placed in suspended animation in slipspace field pods, as their injuries were too extensive for the Huragok to repair.[2] Later, their pods were discovered by Dr. Halsey, CPO Mendez and a group of surviving Spartans, who took them into Sarcophagus.[3] Team Katana was given medical aid immediately after the shield world was lifted out of its slipspace bubble and the survivors were rescued.[4]


Like all known Teams of Gamma Company, Team Katana is named after a blade.

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