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This is my userpage, with nothing all that interesting on it. Only whatever is written here and a bunch of tables that have ranks on them. By the way, has anyone noticed that there are two parts of Halo levels (that I know of) in Halo: Reach that are called Hand Over Fist or Fly By Night, which are both Rush songs from Presto and Fly by Night, respectively?

I'm a corporal (Cpl)! :)

Here is my table of roughly equivalent UNSC and Covenant ranks. (Covenant Specialists, Drones, and Prophets are not included)

Here is part two of the UNSC/Covenant rank comparison. Which will be missing all Covenant and Air Force ranks because there were no equivalents.

Here is part three of the UNSC/Covenant ranks, which has the UNSC's officer ranks and their Covenant equivalents, minus the grunts, prophets, drones and specialists. Note: Grunts are only missing because their highest rank (Ultra) is the equivalent of enlisted UNSC ranks.

Standard Infantry Organisation (Covenant): File: A file seems to contain three grunt minors and a grunt major. Lance: Lances seem to contain a file and an elite minor, as well as a support team (grunt heavies) Groups: Lances seemed to be grouped into units I dubbed "groups" led by an elite major. Operation: "Operations" are units that I dubbed, that handle smaller operations and are led by elite ultras. They also seem to contain vehicle and air support. Larger operations (or groups of operations) seem to be handled by generals. Multiple of those seem to be led by zealots.