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Green Team

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Green Team


September 2517 - Disbanded by July 2552


United Nations Space Command




Varied by mission




Green Team was a semi-constant group of Spartan-IIs under operational command of Naval Special Warfare Command. The size of Green Team was fluid, depending on the mission's target. They actively participated in several battles, including the Battle of Jericho VII and the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV.

Known members[edit]

From time of the team's conception in September 2517 it was led by Kurt-051.

Former members:

Operational history[edit]


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Green Team, led by Spartan Kurt-051, often exercised against fellow SPARTAN-II Blue Team, led by John-117, and often won because of Kurt's superior "sixth sense".[1]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

Spartan Blue, Red and Green teams deployed on Sigma Octanus IV

In November 2525, members of Green Team were briefed on the massacre that took place on Harvest shortly after first contact with the Covenant. A short time later, the UNSC Commonwealth, under the command of Captain Wallace, brought the Spartans and Dr. Halsey to the Damascus Testing Facility at Chi Ceti IV, where they were to receive the MJOLNIR powered armor for the first time.[2] When a Covenant ship, the Unrelenting, attacked the Commonwealth, Green Team, as well as any other active Spartan-II, took part in their first engagement with the Covenant. The Spartans used thruster packs to launch themselves from a Pelican dropship. Each Spartan carried an ANVIL-II warhead to be used against the Covenant ship.[3] However, they missed the ship and only Blue Team managed to board the vessel through a puncture in its hull, caused by a MAC round from the Commonwealth. They succeeded in completing the mission and destroyed the Covenant ship.

In 2526, Green Team participated in Operation: SILENT STORM, as part of a squad comprising them along with Spartan Blue and Gold Teams. Their mission was to infiltrate Covenant ships and commandeer them to gain information about the aliens' technology. The initial assault resulted in the destruction of the Covenant vessel the Spartans boarded after Lieutenant Commander Hector Nyeto allowed an communication broadcast to be detected by the Covenant in an effort to get the Spartans killed.

A second attempt was made at the human colony world of Biko, which was a UNSC strongpoint and known priority for the Covenant. The second attempt was thwarted by an Insurrectionist plot, and Green Team, together with the other Spartan teams helped defeat the Insurrectionists on Biko's third moon, Seoba. The commander of the operation, Colonel Crowther, learned of the Spartan's age and refused to use them further in combat operations. Instead the Spartans were tasked with guarding the prisoners. Shortly after the battle, the Covenant showed up at Biko, attempting to negotiate with the Insurrectionists. Instead the UNSC provoked and attacked them, destroying several Covenant vessels. Despite this, the Covenant managed to destroy Captain Ascot's prowler, which crashed into the moon. The Spartans were the only ones present to destroy the prowler's data and look for survivors. They engaged the Covenant forces looking for the Prowler, and found it lodged inside an ice wall. Under pressure from the Covenant attack, John-117 ordered the Spartans to use their grenade launchers, which caused an avalanche and buried several Spartans, but also killed the already present Covenant boarding party. Several Spartans were buried by the avalanche, but none was killed. After rescuing Staff Sergeant Johnson and four other surviving ODSTs a HAVOK tactical nuclear weapon destroyed the Prowler, preventing the Covenant from gaining intelligence.

After a raid on the Covenant supply train, and destroying several support vessels, the Spartans did manage to acquire the location of a Covenant world that was used for supplying the war effort. With a distraction planned by the remaining Prowlers of task force X-ray, the twelve Spartans of Green, Gold and Blue team descended to the planet on the four other Prowlers of the task force. The prowlers carrying Green and Blue Team managed to successfully deploy their delivery, upon which the Spartans ascended the elevator carrying supplies to a construction ring orbiting the planet. They proceeded to destabilize the orbital ring by destroying a dozen of its constituent facilities with octanitrocubane explosives. Although most ODSTs died during the assault, all of the Spartans survived.[4]

In 2535, Green Team participated in the Battle of Jericho VII. The team's mission was to prevent a Covenant ground force advance on the planet. Meanwhile, Blue Team were drawing out the Covenant rear guard, while Red Team slipped behind Covenant lines and planted a HAVOK tactical nuke, hoping to destroy the next Covenant ship that landed and dropped its shields. All of the Spartan teams accomplished their missions and returned safely to the remaining fleet in a Pelican dropship.[5]

During Operation: OCEAN BREAKER in July 2552, Green Team was led by Linda-058. Green Team scouted out the residential section of the city and found no survivors.[6] Spartans helped escort the twenty civilian survivors that Red Team (led by Joshua-029) had found and was able to successfully evacuate them before Blue Team detonated a HAVOK nuclear warhead in the heart of the city, destroying tens of thousands of Covenant forces stationed there. Linda was given strategic control of the evacuation.[7] Green team then dusted off in a D77-TC Pelican which docked with the UNSC Leviathan and returned to Reach for debriefing.[8]

During the Fall of Reach members of Green Team joined Blue Team, led by John-117, and Red Team, led by Frederic-104.

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