Anvil-II air-to-surface missile

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Kilo 023 firing her Anvil-II air-to-surface missiles during Recovery of John-117, as seen in Halo 3 level Sierra 117,
Kilo 023 firing her Anvil-II air-to-surface missiles.

The Anvil-II is a type of air-to-surface missile used by the United Nations Space Command. They are normally mounted via rocket pods on Pelican dropships[1] for clearing ground targets and drop zones of enemies.[2]

Design details[edit]

ANVIL-II missiles are typically mounted in rocket pods underneath the wing of D77-TC Pelican and D77H-TCI Pelican dropships. While typically employed for air-ground purposes and air strikes, they are capable of being employed against stationary or slow moving airborne targets. ANVIL-IIs can also be mounted on top of the Pelican, such as the G77S Pelican gunship variant.

Service history[edit]

The ANVIL-II missile was the weapon used by the Spartan-IIs when they attacked the Covenant ship Unrelenting near Chi Ceti IV. Spartans 087, 117, and 034 infiltrated and set off three ANVIL-II warheads around the ship's core, destroying it.

This missile was utilised throughout the Human-Covenant War. During the Battle for Earth, Pelicans employed the missile to conduct airstrikes against the Protos-pattern Scarab wreaking havoc throughout the city of New Mombasa,[3] and later on against Ru'swum-pattern Phantom targets during the jungles of Africa.[4] They would later be employed throughout the Battle of Installation 05, with Pelicans utilising Anvil missiles to strike against Sentinel targets throughout the Quarantine Zone.[5]

During the Second Ark Conflict in 2559, UNSC Logistics AI Isabel installed additional ANVIL-II missile pods as a part of G77S Pelican Gunship for additional air support. These pods were mounted on the upper part of the Pelican's chassis.[6][7]


  • The player can be killed by Anvil-II missiles at the end of Sierra 117 if the player starts killing the surviving Marines and Arbiter when the Pelican is present.
  • For development purposes, the missiles fired by the Pelican at the end of Sierra 117 actually employ the model and textures of HEAT missiles used by the M41 rocket launcher.


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