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"You have no idea of the effect a scrambler will have on my anyon threads."
— Intrepid Eye, to Wendell[1]

A scramble grenade, also referred to as a scrambler, is a type of grenade designed by the UNSC Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence. A relatively new weapon as of 2553, the scramble grenade was created by ONI "death techs" specifically for the 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion's mission to the Outer Colony of Gao: capturing a Forerunner ancillaIntrepid Eye—beneath the planet's surface.[2]

Essentially a primitive AI suppressor,[1] a scrambler is only a grenade in the sense that it releases enough electromagnetic interference upon detonation to scramble complex processing networks. Once attached to an unshielded artificial intelligence construct, a scramble grenade sticks to its target for three hours while continuously scrambling the AI's circuits. Scramblers are incapable of causing any permanent damage to AI constructs, at least according to their creators. However, the grenades are completely ineffective against EMP-shielded targets, such as Aggressor Sentinels.[2] When detonated, scramblers cause a flash of silver light, blinding to those without proper eye protection. Spartan Fred-104 used a scrambler grenade to capture Intrepid Eye on Gao.[3]

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