M400 missile launcher

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M400 missile launcher
Two M400s mounted on either side of the AV-49H Wasp's cockpit.
Production overview


Missile launcher


Ammunition type:

50mm missiles[1][2]


The M400 missile launcher is a 50mm high-explosive air-to-ground missile launcher used by the United Nations Space Command. The launcher is the secondary weapon system aboard the AV-49H Wasp, supplementing the aircraft's primary 7.62x51mm M199 heavy machine guns. They are mounted on either side of the craft's cockpit with limited vertical rotation, allowing the pilot to aim them up or down - though lacking any kind of horizontal rotation.[1]

The M400's standard munitions are 50mm unguided missiles, though specialised variants of the Wasp in Office of Naval Intelligence instead employ all-environment homing missiles.[3] The AV-49H Wasp, an experimental testbed developed by Hannibal Weapon Systems, replaces the missiles entirely with experimental ion field bomb launchers. These weapons appear to use the same external housing as the M400, suggesting they are derived from this system.[4]


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