Howler missile

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Howler missile
Production overview


Ship-to-ship missile


Ammunition type:

High explosive



Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


The Howler missile is a ship-to-ship missile used by the UNSC Navy.[1][2]


Warships usually carry Howler missiles to complement their Magnetic Accelerator Cannons. Unlike missiles such as the Archer, the Howler does not pack as powerful a punch individually, but is instead designed to overwhelm enemy defenses in mass saturation attacks against dense anti-missile networks. Accordingly, they are extremely fast and agile but lack many of the warhead options available to other systems like the Archer.[3]


M96 Howler[edit]

The UNSC Infinity is armed with 500 pods of twenty M96 Howlers, while its preceding class of supercarrier, the Punic-class supercarrier, has 20 pods.[1][2][4]One hundred M96 Howlers can easily neutralize a Covenant destroyer, as occurred to Defender of Faith in 2553.[5] The refit Able-class heavy destroyer has 4 pods.[6]

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