A-74 Sylver Vertical Missile Launcher

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A-74 Sylver Vertical Missile Launcher
Vulture Barrage.jpg
Production overview


United Nations Space Command


Missile launcher


Ammunition type:

ANVIL-IV Air-to-Surface Missile

Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War


The A-74 Sylver Vertical Missile Launcher is one of the AC-220 Vulture's main armaments, along with the Argent V missiles and quad GUA-23/AW/Linkless Feed Autocannons it mounts.

Design details[edit]

A-74s are vertical launch systems positioned on the top of the Vulture's hull, arrayed in two rows of four running along the craft's left and right sides. The launcher has a 360-degree effective radius, allowing it to target any enemy near the gunship itself. The A-74 launcher can work with the craft's Argent V missile bays to unleash a unified barrage of missiles on an unfortunate target.[1]

The A-74 launcher launcher normally mounts ANVIL-IV Air-to-Surface Missiles, complementing the turret-mounted Argent-V anti-air missiles.[2]


In Halo Wars, the A-74 is granted to the Vulture gunship upon researching the Mega Barrage upgrade. Once completed, the Vulture can use the A-74s to bombard a target from afar as the vehicle's Y-ability. This weapon was replaced in Halo Wars 2 with the Phoenix missile, though it is still present on the Vulture model.


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