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The Start menu of the Beta

The Halo Wars 2 Open Beta is a phase of the development of Halo Wars 2, developed by Creative Assembly and published by Microsoft Studios. It was publicly announced at E3 2016. The beta ran from June 13 to June 23, 2016.[1]


The beta opened on June 13, 2016. Players could enter it by going to the Xbox store and downloading it for free. The Beta was only available on Xbox One as the developers could not make the PC version ready for a beta release in time, leading to them doing a second beta for the PC later on.[2]


  • June 13 to June 16: Domination was available on Ricochet. Domination is the classic RTS gameplay from Halo Wars, now with all-new units, leaders, special abilities, and the amazing depth of Halo Wars 2. Players will build their bases and armies, and battle for control of the map and supremacy on the Ark.
  • June 17 to June 23: Deathmatch was available on Veteran. In Deathmatch, players will plan and build a base and army – but instead of fighting for map control, they'll fight until only one player remains standing.

Included features[edit]

The beta test featured the a taste of the features from the final multiplayer experience. The features were:

UNSC Units and Buildings

  • 1-slot Minibase
  • 2-slot Minibase
  • Armory
    • Fortify I, II, III
    • Adv. Logistics I, II, III
    • Combat Reinforcements I
    • Jerome-092
  • Leader Power Units

Banished Units and Buildings

  • 1-slot Minibase
  • 2-slot Minibase




  • Halo Wars 2 Beta

Non-playable units or items[edit]

During the beta. The following units or items were only visible or usable during building, or leader power, animations.


  • Drop pod: Drops ODST with leader power.
  • Condor:Drops off a UNSC Firebase
  • Pelican: Drops off UNSC buildings and is usable with a leader power.
  • Pelican Gunship
  • Darter: If a supply pad is on the field Darters will take Supplies to it.


  • Lich: Drops of a Banished Outpost
  • Spirit: Drops off Banished buildings and is usable to transport troops.
  • Spirit Gunship


The development name for this beta was Legdrop.



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